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Fitness Equipment Industry

The U.S. Fitness Industry is represented by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association with 9,000 for profit health and fitness facilities and 650 supplier companies worldwide. In the US alone, 100 exercise equipment manufacturing companies deliver $3 billion in goods and services annually. Fitness is no longer just a fad but a way of life as millions of people who exercise to stay fit, convalesce, or sometimes just to find peace of mind. The types of exercise programs continues to grow and includes running, swimming, aerobic equipment, weight machines, yoga, rock climbing, martial arts, dance and an ever broadening variety of sports. The demand for fitness equipment also continues to grow and fitness equipment manufacturers and dealers have seen a resurgence in the past couple of years.


Fitness Equipment Financing

Today, LeaseQ is making it easy for commercial gyms, hospitals, municipalities, schools, apartment complexes and hotels to finance exercise equipment. Whether pre-qualifying for gym equipment financing before they purchase exercise equipment or accessing exercise equipment leasing at the equipment dealer, LeaseQ is there with the broadest selection of fitness equipment finance companies and the broadest range of credit options.


Commercial Fitness Equipment Financed Includes:

Strength Fitness Equipment
Strength Stations Free Weights Benches General
Ab Station Cheap Weights Barbell Bench Press Multi-Station Gym
Abdominal Station Equipment Dumbbell Bench Bench Press With Dumbbells Plate-Loaded Equipment
Dip Bar Dumbbell Set Situp Bench Single-Station Gym
Dip Station Dumbbells Weight Bench Rack Weight Storage
Exercise Tower Free Weights Weight Lifting Bench  
Lat Machine Gym Weights Weights Bench  
Leg Curl Equipment Hand Weights Workout Bench  
Leg Exercise Machines Kettlebell Bench    
Multi-Station Equipment Kettlebells    
Roman Chair Neoprene Coated Dumbbells    
Squat Rack Reverse Hypers    
Squat Stand Weight Set    
Cardio Exercise
Treadmills Ellipticals Exercise Bikes Rowers
Best Treadmill Arc Elliptical Discount Exercise Bikes Commercial Rowing Machine
Cheap Treadmills Best Elliptical Machines Best Exercise Bike Gym Rowing Machine
Commercial Treadmill Cardio Workout Equipment Buy Exercise Bike Indoor Rowing Machine
Gym Treadmill Cheap Elliptical Machines Cardio Bike Rowing Exercise Machine
Manual Treadmill Elliptical Bike Cheap Exercise Bike Seated Row  Machine
Outdoor Treadmill Elliptical Exercise Cheap Exercise Bikes Used Rowing Machine
Running Machine Elliptical Exercise Equipment Exercise Bike Used Rowing Machines
Treadmill For Sale Elliptical Exercise Machine Exercise Bike For Sale Used Rowing Machines For Sale
Treadmill Sales Elliptical Machines Fitness Bicycles General
Treadmill Walking Belt  Elliptical Machines For Sale Indoor Exercise Best Cardio Machine
Treadmill Workouts Elliptical Trainers Recumbent Exercise Bike Cardio Equipment
Treadmills For Running Elliptical Workout Riding Stationary Bike Cardio Exercise Equipment
Treadmills For Sale Elliptical Workouts Upright Recumbent Bike Cardio Machines
Used Commercial Treadmills Gym Elliptical Used Exercise Bike  
Used Treadmill Stair Stepper Used Exercise Bikes  
Used Treadmills Used Elliptical Machines    
Used Treadmills For Sale Used Elliptical Machines For Sale    
Commercial Fitness Equipment and Accessories
Commercial Fitness Equipment Commercial Fitness Equipment Cont. Commercial Fitness Equipment Cont. Accessories
All In One Gym Equipment Fitness Equipment Suppliers Old Gym Equipment Ab Machine
Athletic Equipment Flex Fitness Equipment Physical Fitness Equipment Commercial Medicine Ball
Basic Gym Equipment Functional Fitness Equipment Plate Loaded Gym Equipment Gym Gloves
Best Exercise Equipment Gold Gym Equipment Portable Gym Equipment Gym Floor Rubber Mats
Best Fitness Equipment Green Gym Equipment Pro Gym Equipment Gym Floor Mats Rubber
Best Gym Equipment Group Fitness Equipment Refurbished Gym Equipment Gym Equipment Floor Mats
Body Solid Gym Equipment Gym Equipment Brands Second Hand Fitness Equipment Pilates Reformer
Buy Fitness Equipment Online Gym Equipment Leasing Second Hand Gym Equipment Pull Up Bar
Buying Gym Equipment Online Gym Equipment Packages Second Hand Gym Equipment For Sale  
Cheap Exercise Equipment Gym Equipment Price Sell Used Exercise Equipment  
Cheap Gym Equipment Gym Equipment Sales Sports Equipment  
Cheap Gym Equipment For Sale Gym Equipment Warehouse Step Aerobics Equipment  
Cheap Sports Equipment Gym Equipment Wholesale Stepper Exercise Equipment  
Commercial Gym Equipment For Sale Hammer Strength Gym Equipment Strength Equipment  
Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturers Hoist Gym Equipment True Fitness Equipment  
Commercial Gym Equipment Packages Hydraulic Gym Equipment Used Commercial Fitness Equipment  
Cybex Fitness Equipment Ironman Fitness Equipment Used Commercial Gym Equipment  
Discount Exercise Equipment Latest Fitness Equipment Used Commercial Gym Equipment For Sale  
Discount Gym Equipment Leasing Gym Equipment Used Cybex Equipment  
Equipment Leasing Company Lifestyle Fitness Equipment Used Exercise Equipment  
Exercise Equipment Lifetime Fitness Equipment Used Gym Equipment  
Exercise Equipment Stores Low Impact Exercise Equipment Used Gym Equipment For Sale  
Exercising Equipment Mini Gym Equipment Used Pilates Equipment  
Fitness Equipment Modern Gym Equipment    
Fitness Equipment Sales Multi Gym Equipment    
Fitness Equipment Stores Multi Station Gym Equipment    
Speciality Fitness Equipment
Speciality  Industrial Solutions Disability Exercise Equipment  
Aerobics Equipment Child Gym Inclusive Fitness  
Boxing Gym Equipment College Fitness  Paraplegic Exercise Equipment  
Commercial Gym Equipment Condo/Residential Wheelchair Accessible Exercise  
Garage Gym Equipment Corporate Gym Wheelchair Fitness Equipment  
Gymnasium Equipment Fire Department    
Gymnastics Equipment Government/Miltary     
Hand Exercise Equipment Gymnasium     
Kids Fitness Equipment High School Fitness     
Kids Gym Equipment Hotels/Spas    
Mma Gym Equipment Police Department    
Outdoor Fitness Equipment School Gym     
Outdoor Gym Equipment Workplace Fitness    
Personal Gym Equipment YMCA    
Pilates Equipment      
Pilates Equipment For Sale      
Play Gym Equipment      
Professional Gym Equipment      
School Gym Equipment      
Strength Training Equipment      
Universal Gym Equipment      
Wholesale Gym Equipment      


LeaseQ is partnering with Fitness Equipment Dealers and Fitness Equipment Manufacturers to provide fitness equipment financing solutions such as:

  • * New Gym Equipment Financing
  • * YMCA Exercise Equipment Financing
  • * Fire Department Exercise Equipment Financing
  • * Police Department Exercise Equipment Financing
  • * Municipal Recreation Center Gym Equipment Financing
  • * School and University Gym Equipment Financing

Fitness Equipment Dealer Programs

LeaseQ is partnering with Fitness Equipment Dealers and Fitness Equipment Manufacturers to provide fitness equipment financing solutions such as:

  • * 0% Fitness Equipment Financing
  • * Fixed Rate Exercise Equipment Financing ($XXX/month)
  • * Promotional Gym Equipment Leasing (e.g. 25% off + $XXX/month)
  • * Micro-Fitness Equipment Financing ($1,000+)
  • * Application only programs to $250,000.
  • * Gym Acquisition Financing
  • * Franchise Financing
  • Learn More About Fitness Equipment Leasing

    So whether you are new club, a well established club, a corporation opening a gym for your employees, or a fitness equipment distributor looking for a better way to serve your customers LeaseQ can help you with all Fitness Equipment Financing needs. If you want to know more about gym equipment leasing and how it will help you lower your month’s costs and better manage your cash, take advantage of tax benefits, and allow you to invest in higher quality, more cost effective equipment go here: Why Lease.


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