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When you think of tractors, unlike the average person, you don't conjure up an image of an old farmer with a stalk of wheat in his mouth lazily sitting on his little green tractor tilling his fields. Today's farmer and the tractors they drive are sophisticated and smart. As reported by the Farm Equipment Manufacturer's Association, demand for Tractors and Farm Equipment is high, driven by strong commodity prices and export sales. 4-Wheel tractors sales are leading the industry which grew by almost 20% in 2010.


The digital age is drastically reinventing the world's oldest industry and today's tractors have become command centers for an automated business operation that would make even a Japanese car factory blush. Today a farmer can put his tractor on auto-pilot driven by a GPS navigation system and get digital readouts of the soil while he sprays just the right amount of fertilizer for each plant, saving both money and the environment at the same time.

  • Bale Processors
  • Combines
  • Cultivators and Harrow Bars
  • GPS Systems
  • Grain and Fertilizer Bins
  • Grain Augers, Carts, Dyers and Vacs
  • Sprayers
  • Stock and Grain Trailers
  • Tractors

Getting the best and latest equipment can help make significant money and getting the right tractor leasing plan and farm equipment financing can pay big dividends. As modern agriculture continues to require more automation and more expensive equipment, more farmers are leasing tractors and leasing farm equipment in order to finance their operations. The decision to lease tractor and farm equipment provides options in what would otherwise be a costly long-term investment. Whether you're farming 20 acres, or 2,000 acres; whether you're ranching; growing wheat to eat or corn for fuel, tractor leasing and farm equipment leasing can help you get the equipment you need and also helps you better manage cash and taxes. For more information on the advantages of equipment leasing read: Why Lease.