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If you can buy it, you can buy it from a vending machine. The ugly boxes that used to steal your money for stale junk food are now offering innovative new products, new payment methods, user friendly interfaces and even revolutionary new power sources. Throughout this period of extreme innovation the National Automatic Merchandising Association is updating industry standards and continuing to push for easier and more reliable technology. The $11.3 billion industry now offers iPods, ice cream, soup (with an option for croutons), live fishing bait, and even gold from vending machine.


The industry is embracing cashless transactions, with more and more machines accepting credit or debit cards, text messages, and even fingerprints as payment. Consumers are no longer asked to type in "B3" for "Fritos" as touch screen technology is making vending machines easier to use, and providing new revenue generating ad space. "Green Energy" is also available with more energy efficient machines, some even run on hydrogen.


Just some of the vending equipment that can be leased includes:

  • Bill Acceptors
  • Bill Changers
  • Coffee Machines
  • Coin Machines
  • Combo Machines
  • Frozen Machines
  • Gumball Machines
  • Office Coffee stands
  • Snack Machines
  • Soda Machines
  • T-Handles
  • Vending Locks

Vending machines are good for business and there are more ways to finance vending machines today than ever before. So whether you are a vending machine operator looking for ways to grow your business, a business owner looking to better serve your customers and squeeze extra cash out of high traffic areas, or an employer looking to keep your staff fueled throughout the day, financing is available to you.


Leasing a vending machine not only allows you to make money while the machine pays for itself but Vending Machine Financing also provides a better way to manage your cash and taxes and ultimately allows you to invest in higher quality equipment. To get leasing rates now. For more information on the advantages of equipment leasing read: Why Lease.