Choosing second hand fitness equipment does not mean you are sacrificing quality. It just means that you want to give your fitness center members a quality workout for a fraction of the cost that it would take to provide brand new equipment. Your gym members will never know that you didn't purchase it new nor will they care because you will give them such a wide range of equipment to work out on.

Second Hand Fitness Equipment Saves Big Money

Most gyms and fitness centers change out their equipment regularly. They do it so they can offer new equipment to their members, not because the fitness equipment does not work. When they change out their equipment you can usually purchase it for a fraction of the cost. Choosing to purchase second hand fitness equipment also gives you the ability to offer your members new equipment so that they keep coming in to work out in your facility. Still not sure you can afford to make the large cash purchase for second hand fitness equipment? Do not worry. You can lease this equipment just as easily and keep your monthly payments low.

Why Choose A Second Hand Fitness Equipment Leasing Option?

Leasing second hand fitness equipment will give you the option to keep your monthly costs low while providing all the equipment your members want included in their gym. You can be the only fitness center in your area who provides a little of every type of equipment. Second hand fitness equipment makes it possible. Leasing makes it affordable. It also allows you to try out the second hand equipment to ensure it will work as it is supposed to for you and your members. If you find fault with it return it when the lease ends and if you like the second hand equipment you can buyout the lease for as little as $1. Combine that with the way leasing you get low monthly payments and you cannot go wrong. You will also be choosing a financing option that does not impact your credit score. This is due to the simple fact that leasing is the only soft credit pull financing option available.

Second Hand Fitness Equipment Financing Options Include Taking Out A Loan For Fitness Equipment Or Leasing

Ask your usual fitness equipment dealer about their financing options or visit LeaseQ at for an instant free quote. They will help you find the equipment financing option that fits your budget and your needs. You may feel free to visit LeaseQ before you speak to your dealer to see your options. The LeaseQ application process will always take you less than two minutes and you will know your options. Even if your only available minute is in the middle of the night so feel free to visit as often as you would like while trying to decide who you want to finance your second hand fitness equipment through.

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