Every gym rat is familiar with an exercise bike. An hour of vigorous cycling in a stationary bike can burn about 1000 calories. Because they are so effective, gyms usually stock up several exercise bikes. But if you buy exercise bike for your gym, you will need a substantial investment. Instead of a cash purchase, why not lease them instead? There are many benefits to leasing exercise bikes.

It is Better To Lease Than To Buy Exercise Bike

While owning fitness equipment may have certain advantages, in the long run, leasing is the smarter business choice when it comes to exercise bikes. They are overused in the gym, and will suffer a lot of wear and tear. Plus, there are always newer and better models coming out. If you lease them, you can easily replace or upgrade them without huge cash outlays. And when you need to shop for replacement, you can choose from over a hundred dealers in LeaseQ's huge database. Their leasing process is fast, easy and free!

You Get Huge Savings With Exercise Bike Leasing

After answering a few quick questions, LeaseQ will deliver to you the best lease quotes in the fitness market. Choose the one with the lowest premium. You can save a lot by leasing, leaving you with cash that you can use to acquire other fitness equipment. With LeaseQ, you can find the right exercise bike for your gym.

There Are Many Choices With Exercise Bike Financing

LeaseQ offers several financing options for you to choose from. You can lease for a specified period like a majority of their clients. If you want to own exercise bikes, then you can secure a takeout loan with the help of LeaseQ. Or you can enter into a buyout agreement, paying only a measly dollar at the end of the contract period and own them. If you have credit problems, LeaseQ can make a soft inquiry for you that will not impact your credit score. Choose the financing option that is consistent with your business plan.

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