Wholesale Restaurant Equipment Leasing

In order to find ways to limit financial exposure in your restaurant business, it's a wise move to find inexpensive and financially flexible ways in order to acquire your restaurant equipment. Kitchens and dining rooms require extensive amounts of equipment and supplies to function properly, and these items cost a lot of money. If you choose to make a cash purchase of wholesale restaurant equipment supplies, you'll drain much-needed capital and potentially put your business at risk. However, wholesale restaurant equipment leasing is one strategy to preserve your cash and find good deals on new restaurant equipment while regulating your cash flow through a low monthly payment.

When you purchase restaurant equipment from a wholesaler, you get the benefit of a discount created by the wholesaler's ability to buy in bulk. This means that they can acquire a lot of equipment, and then store that equipment until a buyer makes a purchase. The purchase price for your required equipment is usually much lower as a result. When you combine that advantage with a wholesale restaurant equipment leasing agreement, your monthly obligation is in many cases, even lower and easier to manage.

Furthermore, when you lease your wholesale restaurant equipment, the installation and maintenance of the equipment is the responsibility of the wholesaler, further reduces your monthly costs and lowering your stress level. As a restaurant owner, you have enough stress already and why worry about your restaurant equipment? Additionally, at the end of the lease agreement, you'll have the option to purchase the equipment outright for one dollar. This is called a buyout option. However, at the end of the lease term if you would like to investigate other equipment options, you are under no obligation to buy out the equipment.

Your wholesaler can help you find a qualified lease agent or you can use LeaseQ for a free instant quote. The application process with LeaseQ is fast and free, and the wholesale leasing and financing experts at LeaseQ can use your information and find the lease that is right for you. There is an associated credit check with the application process to keep in mind. However, the credit check is what's referred to as a ìsoft credit pull' which has no impact on your credit rating.

Wholesale Restaurant Equipment

The ability to purchase restaurant equipment in bulk and to store it until purchase allows wholesalers to pass on the oftentimes substantial discounts to their customers. Wholesalers realize that this gives them a competitive advantage, and have devised strategies to offer discounts on almost all types of wholesale restaurant equipment. From racks and ladles to commercial microwaves, just about any piece of equipment that meets your restaurant needs is available in a wholesale environment. Even the largest equipment, such as ranges and dishwashers, are available for wholesale leasing.

While making a cash purchase is what some restaurant owners do, wholesale restaurant equipment leasing is a very smart financial decision as it conserves cash and gets you the equipment you want without a lengthy purchase process. This is why it's the preferred choice of most restaurant owners who acquire wholesale restaurant equipment.

Wholesale Restaurant Equipment Financing

If you would rather own your own equipment outright at the end of your lease, financing options are available as well. With financing a purchase, you take ownership of the equipment immediately. This means that installation and maintenance costs are your obligation. Also, at the end of the financing plan, you have no option built into the agreement for returns or upgrades.

However, with wholesale restaurant equipment leasing, your financing is done in the same way, except for the fact if any of the equipment breaks down during the term of the lease, the restaurant equipment company will replace and repair that equipment. For certain types of equipment, this is not a problem. In those situations, leasing your equipment with wholesale restaurant equipment financing is a great option for you. After all, you still get the advantage of a manageable monthly payment and don't need a large cash outlay as you do with a purchase. Also, at the end of your commercial restaurant equipment lease, you'll have the convenient option to be a will to buy it out for one dollar or return the equipment and initiated a new lease with new equipment.

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