If you are ready to open a restaurant, efficient planning is needed. Write a comprehensive business plan that can help you run a smooth business. It is best that you clarify the theme or cuisine of your restaurant and look for an ideal location. Once you have an idea of the items you wish to include in your menu, you can look for commercial equipment manufacturers who can supply you with the machines you need for your business. LeaseQ can help you find the right dealers who can offer great services.

Purchasing Used Machines From Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers

Cash purchases are not always great if you are looking for used supplies or machines. If you want to save on cost by purchasing used instead of new equipment, it is best that you learn about your options. Here are the pros and cons of purchasing used equipment:


1. Lower costs - you can save money by purchasing used equipment. Business owners who are closing up shop are more than happy to sell you working equipment for a very low price.

2. Haggling power - kitchen equipment manufacturers are usually up for negotiations. If you are good at haggling, you might get a great deal.

3. Freebies - if you purchase more than one piece of equipment from a manufacturer, you might land a couple of freebies.


1. Wear and tear - used machines have shorter life-spans. They are also no longer on warranty.

2. Repairs - you'll never know when a used machine will give up on you. If this does happen, you need to take out money for costly repairs.

3. Missing parts - Some used machines have missing pieces. These are not always easy to replace.

4. Startup capital - as compared to purchasing new equipment, looking for second hand machines can help you save money. However, this is still going to eat up a large chunk of your capital

Finding The Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer Leasing Program

LeaseQ helps you find the right commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer leasing program that works for you. Before you start looking for manufacturers who can provide you with the equipment you need, it is best that you learn about how to find the program that best suits your needs. Create a list of the dealers you are interested in and find out more about them. It is possible to ask them each for a quote. Once you have received the quote, compare leasing contracts. Take a good look at the services offered, monthly fees and interest rates.

How Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer Financing Works

LeaseQ gives you access to different dealers who offer a variety of services. Commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer financing gives you the option of leasing machines and supplies or taking out a loan. You can pre-qualify for a lease which involves a process that takes only about two minutes. There is absolutely no pressure, and you can come back any time to complete the lease process. This only involves a soft credit pull, meaning that it will not have an impact on your credit simply click here for a free quote.score. To see if you qualify for commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer leasing, click here for a free quote.

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