School cafeteria kitchen equipment leasing is a popular way to meet the diverse equipment demands that a school cafeteria kitchen creates. While these equipment purchases cost a great deal of cash up front, leasing allows you to avoid that initial obligation and to create a low monthly payment for budgeting and financial planning purposes. The result is increased function and profitability, along with financial protection and structure.

School Cafeteria Kitchen Equipment Leasing

School cafeteria kitchens are complex environments with diverse equipment needs. These kitchens involve frequent use of their equipment to serve a large amount of customers. This means that food preparation and serving equipment must be high quality, and it faces a lot of wear and tear. One way you can help mitigate both the expected and unexpected costs of equipment for this environment is through a lease agreement. A lease can help you acquire the equipment you need while maintaining a manageable monthly payment.

If your school cafeteria equipment needs indicate that a lease is a good option, you can have your equipment dealer recommend an agent or you can head to LeaseQ for a free quote. By applying for a quote, you can get information from leasing professionals about the advantages of a lease agreement. The information is tailored to your needs. Applying for a quote takes only two minutes, and while there is a credit check involved, it is a soft credit pull that has no negative impact on your credit score.

School Cafeteria Kitchen Equipment

In order to prepare the volume of food required in a school cafeteria environment, kitchen equipment in a school cafeteria must be high quality. Preparation must happen quickly and in large quantities. School cafeteria kitchen equipment that functions well and is tailored to your individual cafeteria needs helps to streamline the preparation process. However, a comprehensive kitchen equipment package is expensive. This makes process improvement and even regular updating impossible when faced with the initial cash outlay of the direct purchase option.

School Cafeteria Kitchen Equipment Financing

School cafeteria kitchen equipment financing offers more advantages than the monthly payment structure. When you purchase equipment directly, you are offered very little protection outside of a manufacturerís warranty. With a lease, many of the periodic costs such as installation and maintenance are rolled into the lease. This makes your cash obligation even more consistent for planning purposes. However, if you would like to take ownership of your equipment, you can do that with a lease as well. For a one time buyout payment of one dollar, the equipment you lease is yours. On the other hand, if the equipment is not what you need when the lease expires, you can always return it. Direct purchase cannot offer this type of flexibility and customization.

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