There's no item in your restaurant that circulates more than your dinnerware. It takes a lot of dishes to keep your business flowing smoothly. It moves from the kitchen to the table and then on to the dishwashing area. After being cleaned and dried, it ends up back in the kitchen area to be cycled all over again.

Dinnerware Leasing

More restaurant owners than ever before are discovering the benefits of dinnerware leasing and financing over making cash purchases. Your selection of dinnerware says a lot about you and your business. For instance, it tells a customer how much you pay attention to fine details. Under superb management, marred or nicked dinnerware isn't going to make it back into the rotation line for continued service. Quality control measures will see to that.

If you like everything organized, that's going to be evident in the dinnerware that's going out to the floor. You're going to make sure that it all has the same uniform look. There won't be a blending of the 'old china' with the 'newly ordered' china because you can tell the difference and you know that the customer can, too. White and off-white are not the same.

Being on top of your restaurant game, you know that the American Restaurant China Council suggests that as much as one-third of your china will have to be replaced, each and every year. You understand that you need to know where to go for an endless supply. You're always open to exploring new options. Buying, renting or leasing all have pros and cons.

Restaurant Dinnerware

After laying out thousands of dollars to buy dinnerware, more money has to be included in the budget for the projected replacement of one-third of it. Every time a dish is tossed into the garbage, it's like throwing money away. Dinnerware also disappears through theft. No, the customers don't put their dirty plates into their bags and take them home. However, employees sometimes try to save on their own kitchen supply expenses and walk away with a service for two. Or four. Or...

Renting the dinnerware is usually good for a one-time event. When there will be a sudden influx of customers and the inventory isn't big enough to handle it, renting is a good option. It's certainly more practical than purchasing it. Even though back inventory must always be in place, there is limited storage space.

Leasing is a more appropriate long-term option. It frees up money for other immediate operating expenses. It also assures there will be a steady supply of your selected dinnerware. You know from experience that it can take months to receive your dinnerware after you place an order for purchase. When you lease it, it's delivered quickly.

Dinnerware Financing

Four out of five businesses are leasing some of their equipment. It's not surprising when you learn that leasing has no impact on the credit standing of your business. You can be pre-approved in minutes and put your goals on the fast track.

Imagine what you can do to grow your business when you no longer have to worry about how to finance it all. You'll be able to afford more efficient, profit-driven marketing strategies. Old World charm is nice but it's time for a competitive edge.

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