Restaurant owners shouldn't overlook the substantial benefits of restaurant glass leasing and financing in lieu of making an outright cash purchase of essential supplies. One of the most needed and most fragile items on any bar or restaurant inventory list is the glassware. Whether you operate a casual pub in the suburbs or a five-star restaurant in a trendy city, there's going to be breakage. In fact, every business owner should include a breakage allowance in the on-going operating budget.

Restaurant Glass Leasing

Regardless of the size of your business, your glassware inventory is huge. It has to be sufficiently maintained at all times to meet the demands of your establishment. Everything has to run smoothly, for the sake of your customers, your employees and the reputation that you hold in your community. You never want to hear that a customer can't be served because you don't have any clean glasses.

Yes, it does happen. Reordering and customer turnover can be faster than your dishwashing capabilities. There will also be breakage. In fact, it's recommended that you carry at least a 25% overstock because of it. Glassware gets shattered, cracked and chipped. Just clanking two pieces together is enough to mark it for immediate disposal.

The easiest way to have an immediate supply of glassware is to lease it. Leasing glassware also ensures that it's all uniform in appearance. There won't be any sloppy mixing of glassware designs because a supplier can't handle a bulk order for one style. Leasing your glassware also means that you'll never run short. When there's a celebration coming up and you know the corks will be popping, you'll be ready with the flutes.

Restaurant Glasses

The glassware that you'll need for your particular business is determined by your bar and restaurant menus. For an eclectic bar with sophisticated ambiance, there will be brandy snifters, martini glasses, wine glasses and more. A pub serving up micro-brews on tap will need, at the very least, an assortment of glass mugs, pilsners and pints.

Standard glassware for diners and restaurants always includes juice and water glasses. You might also need tall iced-tea glasses. Each type of glass is dedicated for use with a particular beverage. You aren't going to serve iced-tea in a juice glass and you won't be offering up wine in a water glass.

You not only need assorted types of glassware but you must have plenty of each kind. To calculate how many you should have on hand, the general rule is to count on having two or three pieces for every seat in your place. If you have a 100-seat restaurant, plan on starting out with 200-300 of each type and size of glassware. Unless you're a very skilled illusionist, you aren't going to fit a large soda into a small glass.

Restaurant Glass Financing

Yes, that's a lot of glassware! And, yes, you can afford to properly supply your place with all of its glassware needs. Financing is available to help you make it happen. It has never been so easy to apply and you'll know the answer almost immediately. There's nothing to lose by applying, except worries and headaches.

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