It is essential that you provide all the necessary restroom facilities in your restaurant. The number of restrooms you have and the number of customers you get on a daily basis will determine the supplies you require. Depending on how large your restaurant is, you can have both male and female restrooms as well as a unisex family restroom for customers. The supplies needed to be used by hundreds of customers daily are not cheap; sometimes it forces you to get financial help in obtaining them. One way to get the supplies you need is through restaurant restroom supply leasing.

What Items Can You Get Through Restaurant Restroom Supply Leasing?

Even though diners do not spend more than a few minutes in your restaurant restroom, that short time they spend in that place really influences the rest of the dining experience they will have in your establishment. Your customers' expectations are simple: privacy, cleanliness, comfort and the right supplies.

To get the restroom supplies to suit your restaurant, you can decide to go for a lease. The leasing company will provide you with the following items:

Hand dryers

Paper towel dispensers

Waste receptacles

Liquid and powdered soap dispensers

Baby changing stations

Mirrors and shelves

Sanitary hand dryers

Medicine cabinets

Toilet seat cover dispenser

Air care products

Feminine hygiene products

Restroom baby products

You need to have these items in adequate amounts at all times to keep your customers happy.

Commercial Restaurant Restroom Supplies

A lot of importance is being placed on restrooms in restaurants today because of modernization. The supplies available for use in your washroom are specifically manufactured for commercial use and are more comfortable and easy to use. They are very sophisticated in their looks as well as the way they look.

The restroom supplies come in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes to suit your restaurant needs. You can decide to go from the normal norm and come up with a custom design that matches your taste. Go out for bold patterns, custom colors, and irregular shapes. Experiment with different shapes and colors to make your bathroom look unique. When this is done, adding restroom supplies will make it complete.

When stocking your restroom with accessories, you need to make sure you have put the needs of the disabled in mind. Consult with the dealer to find out what supplies are available for this group of people.

Restroom Supply Financing

With major financial institutions becoming stricter in their lending rules, you need to find other alternatives of getting the finance you need to acquire the restroom supplies. Equipment and supplies financing companies are able to provide you with the cash to facilitate leasing of the restroom supplies you need in your restaurant.

To make sure the lease contract you get suits your needs, you need to ask your dealer to recommend dealers in that particular niche or go to LeaseQ to get a free instant quote. You can visit the site as many times as you like until you are ready to apply for restaurant restroom supply leasing. The application process is short and takes less than two minutes. To see if you qualify for restaurant restroom supply leasing, click here for a free quote. click here for a free quote.

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