More and more entrepreneurs see the benefit of a kiosk model for their restaurant service delivery. While storefront space can cost a tremendous amount of money, a kiosk offers flexibility and agility at an affordable price. In the restaurant business, a kiosk can trim time off of service delivery and serve multiple functions for your dining room. For these reasons, many people look to kiosk leasing for their restaurant kiosk needs.

Kiosk Leasing

Because of the large upfront costs associated with the acquisition of a kiosk, a lease is an attractive choice. With a lease, you can gain all of the immediate advantages of a kiosk in your dining room without the large cash requirement associated with a direct purchase. In this way, you can take advantage of your restaurantís increased profitability while you make low monthly payments. Also, the fixed monthly payment you make when leasing is often much easier for accounting and budgeting purposes for than a major one-time expense.

If you think that a lease option is right for you, ask your distributor to recommend a leasing agent or head over to LeaseQ for a free instant quote. There is a short application process that takes about two minutes to complete. The agent will also run a soft credit check during this process. However, this process has no negative impact on your credit score at all. Overall, the process is fast and easy, and allows you to have all of the important information required to make a good decision about your leasing options.


Kiosks serve a number of functions in a restaurant environment. A common use of this structure is with touchscreen ordering at a service station. This type of station can assist servers and kitchen staff with communication and billing for services. Another type of station that benefits from this type of structure is self-service. While not a buffet style arrangement, a kiosk can serve as a stand-alone option for the service of room temperature products and novelty items.

Kiosk Financing

The advantages kiosk financing over an outright purchase for you are numerous. Of course, the low monthly payment is quite attractive. However, a lease arrangement protects you from unexpected cash obligations in other ways as well. For example, the costs associated with installation and maintenance is often assumed by the equipment owner. Also, a lease offers you a great deal of flexibility at the end. You have the option to buy the equipment for a buyout payment of one dollar if you feel that the equipment still meets your needs. If the equipment is no longer adequate, you can return it and begin a new lease for new equipment. This flexibility is a huge advantage of kiosk financing options.

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