Commercial ranges often require various accessories for maximum utility. With the constant wear and tear that ranges are subjected to in a high volume commercial setting, parts can wear out. Furthermore, depending on the setup in your kitchen, certain accessories such as shelves and cutting boards can improve efficiency in your preparation efforts. These accessories can be quite costly. You could spend thousands of dollars acquiring the appropriate accessories to get the most out of your range and your kitchen. This is why range accessory leasing and financing is such a great option.

Range Accessory Leasing

Range accessory leasing allows you to get the accessories that you need to maximize your kitchen's effectiveness without subjecting your business to the substantial cost of purchasing these items. With a lease option, you make a fixed monthly payment for as long as you use the accessory. While you never own the accessories yourself, you are not required to come up with the significant amount of money required to purchase them. They are supplied by the company you lease from and are returned to that company at the end of the lease term. This can allow you to take advantage of accessory options that you might not otherwise be able to afford.

Range Accessories

Range accessories are parts that either replace current parts on your range or add utility to your range. These can take the form of casters which allow for easier positioning of the range itself, to towel bars for convenient placement of cleaning rags. Cutting boards, replacement racks, condiment rails and fryer sheets are all accessories that can make your range function better in your kitchen. Since these accessories are often made of stainless steel or chrome, they are often quite costly.

However, your range will not function at optimum effectiveness if you do not have proper accessories in place. In a high volume cooking scenario, having condiments and prep materials in a convenient location can make all the difference in your food preparation. Shelving, cutting boards and condiment rails all assist in that process. Proper shielding is vital when dealing with fryers and other messy types of food preparation. Also, cooking racks and other items simply deteriorate with use. Therefore, you will need to acquire range accessories at some point.

Range Accessory Financing

Depending on the volume of cooking that occurs in your kitchen, purchasing these accessories outright might be your best option. If that is the case, there are a number of financing options available to you. For a low monthly payment with a reasonable interest rate, you can gain all the advantages of ownership without the burden of the upfront cost. The main advantage to this is that with a lease, you pay every month. With a financing option, you stop paying once the outstanding balance has been paid off. You also get to continue using the accessories for as long as they last. If you do not wear these accessories out very frequently, range accessory financing may be right for you.

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