Opening a restaurant and more importantly running a restaurant profitably is part art and part science. Cooking great food for the patrons is an art whereas managing day to day operations and the finances is more of a science. As mentioned by the University of Ohio, around 50 - 60% of all restaurants failed in the first three years of opening and most of them failed for the reasons under the control of owners. One of the main reasons, managing finances for restaurants becomes a big pain is that the industrial kitchen equipment needed for the restaurant costs a lot and if the restaurant is not a hit with the patrons, the interest costs of the loans taken for the equipment adds a lot of pressure to the overall financial situation.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment Leasing Options

There are many things one should keep in mind while cash purchasing or leasing industrial kitchen equipment. Some of the important points to note are as follows:

Time efficiency: These days, there is kitchen equipment which comes with time saving features. If you cash purchase a time efficient cooking machine, it will not only help in saving money but will also delight the patrons by cutting down the cooking time.

Infrared Cooking: There is a lot of equipment available these days which comes with infrared cooking. It utilizes the infrared rays to cook and some of the foods which require fast broiling taste much better if cooked on infrared.

Self Cleaning: A lot of modern industrial kitchen equipment comes with self-cleaning option. Though they may cost a bit more, but they save money in the long run by saving on labor as well as water costs.

Use Less Water: Water usage is something a lot of restaurant owners ignore but it is a fact that using kitchen equipment which uses less water adds a lot of dollars to the bottom line by saving on the water bills.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment Leasing

As discussed earlier, one of the biggest expenses of opening a restaurant is the money spent on cash purchase of Kitchen equipment. There are many ways to manage the costs involved with this. One of the best ways to keep your costs down at the start ( when the money is short ) is to lease the kitchen equipment.

There are many dealers available in the market who will lease out the equipment to you at a fixed monthly rate and most of the times you will get to keep the equipment at the end of lease period for a buyout price of $1.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment Financing

The industrial kitchen equipment financing can be arranged by way of a costly loan from the bank or by way of leasing the required equipment. These days, it has become very easy to lease the equipment. You can ask the dealer to recommend you the dealers who lease equipment. One can also check on line for an instant quote on leasing the kitchen equipment on websites like

Online services like take less than 2 minutes to provide you the necessary information. To see if you qualify for the industrial Kitchen equipment leasing, click here for a free quote.

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