A lot of people want to eat healthy food these days and steamed food is one of the most preferred ways of cooking. Consequently a restaurant kitchen without a steamer is considered incomplete. A commercial kitchen steamer not only helps with quick cooking of a large quantity of food but also helps in saving cost. Food cooked by steam is not only cheaper but also requires less labor as compared to other methods of cooking. Almost all the foods can be cooked by steam be it vegetables, meat or rice.

Various Types Of Steamers

Steamers come in various varieties and you can buy a steamer as per the space available and the type of cooking required.

Pressure-less Steamer: As the name suggests, these types of steamers do not have steam at high pressure. Steam is generated at one end and it is spread evenly through the cooking unit with the help of a convection fan which helps in cooking the food evenly. However, this type of circus has a disadvantage that food is cooked slower as compared to the other types of steamers. One advantage is that the cooking unit can be opened while cooking for checking and seasoning food.

Counter-top Industrial kitchen Steamer: As the name suggests, this type of steamer comes with a counter top and is very useful in places with space constraint. This type achieves much faster cooking time as steam directly cooks the food.

Pressured Kitchen Steamer: These type of steamers work similar to the pressure cookers we have at home. Here, steam is pressurized first and then the food is cooked. This results in much faster cooking times as compared to the above discussed pressure-less steamer.

Kitchen Steamer Leasing

As is the case with almost all the heavy commercial equipment in a restaurant kitchen, the kitchen steamer also comes with a high initial cost. Thankfully, there are options available to you, the budding restaurateur, to save money on the high initial cost.

To save money upfront, you can always get a leased steamer. A leased steamer allows you to make fixed regular monthly payments and most of the leasing contracts allows you to keep the steamer at the end of the lease period for a very small price, which can be as low as one dollar. Leasing a steamer is a smart choice to save a large outlay at the start.

Kitchen Steamer Financing

There are many options available to you for financing a steamer. You can always opt for a loan either from the manufacturer or you can get the equipment from a leasing company. The trick here is to get the best deal from various leasing options available. The first rule while taking a lease on a steamer is to get quotes from as many sources as you can.

For this, you can ask the equipment provider for the available dealers who deal in leasing equipment or you can do one better by getting the quotes instantly online from a lease quote provider such as www.LeaseQ.com. LeaseQ specializes in providing quotes from various dealers at the click of a button and helps you save money by providing quotes from multiple dealers. The process takes less than two minutes and you just need to fill an online form. To see if you qualify for leasing a steamer, click here for a free quote.

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