Used Restaurant Equipment Leasing

A major portion of a restaurant's operating budget deals with equipment. Properly functioning equipment is a major factor in a restaurant's success. However, this equipment comes with a hefty expense. Depending on the nature of the equipment, used restaurant equipment leasing is a viable option to both limit your overall equipment expense and to reduce your financial obligation to a low monthly payment.

Used Restaurant Equipment

Certain types of equipment are sensible options for purchasing used. Refrigeration and cooling units are a perfect example of this. Sometimes a restaurant outgrows the equipment they currently own. When that happens, their current cooling and refrigeration equipment are purchasable at a discount. Also, when a lease expires, sometimes the lease holder elects to return the equipment. This equipment is also sold at a discount due to it being used.

If you are in the market for that type of equipment, you might find a great deal this way. Buffet tables and ice dispensers are two more examples of the types of equipment that make perfect sense to purchase as used restaurant equipment. However, just about any piece of equipment you could need is available at a used discount.

What most restaurant owners don't consider however is used restaurant equipment leasing. This is a tremendous way to further save on your monthly costs and get high quality equipment to help your restaurant run smoothly and efficiently.

Used Restaurant Equipment Leasing

Even though the discount you receive for buying used equipment is substantial, there is still a large cash outlay required to purchase this equipment. Used restaurant equipment leasing is one way that you can convert that difficult cash outlay into a low monthly payment for ease of planning and accounting. With a lease, you agree to make payments for a set period of time. The dealer installs the equipment for you and often maintains it as well. At the end of the lease agreement, you can choose to purchase the equipment for a one dollar buyout payment. You can also decide to return the equipment and explore other options at this time.

Your equipment dealer can recommend a qualified lease dealer for you, or you can go to LeaseQ for a free instant quote. The entire process is fast and free. Applying takes about two minutes. A credit check is required, but this credit check will not have any adverse impact on your credit score. The whole process will make it as easy as possible for you to find the right lease agreement for your needs.

Used Restaurant Equipment Financing

It might make sense to own certain equipment. This is especially true when the equipment does not change technology very rapidly and therefore cannot become obsolete. A financing plan allows you to take ownership of the equipment immediately. Also, you get a convenient low monthly payment. It is not as easy to return the equipment later, however. Also, since you are the owner of the equipment, installation and maintenance costs are yours and yours alone.

However, when you lease used restaurant equipment, the financing that is involved is just as affordable, but you are on a lease instead of outright purchase. This is extremely advantageous if the equipment becomes obsolete or if it breaks. Restaurant equipment financing is especially flexible when you lease your used restaurant equipment. Used restaurant equipment leasing and financing is an option for you through the LeaseQ.

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