Whether you are starting a new restaurant business or you are a seasoned owner, you need high quality equipment for your business to expand. The initial cost of purchasing this equipment may be too high for you therefore you need to find another alternative to finance the acquisition. One of the options you have is to obtain this equipment from a company that offers restaurant equipment for lease.

What Does Restaurant Equipment For Lease Involve?

Usually the company offering the equipment on lease will give you what you need at a certain cost. Before you sign the lease agreement, you need to know in advance what type of equipment you will need and how much it will cost you. Some of the kitchen equipment that you can lease include:

Commercial ice machines

Commercial dishwashers

Commercial refrigerators

Commercial convection ovens

Commercial ranges

Commercial fryers and steamers

This equipment can be heavy-duty or light-duty depending on the demands of your restaurant. Heavy duty equipment include walk in freezers while light duty equipment include counter top cooking equipment.

Once you know what you need, you have to make a down payment on the amount of the estimated total cost of the lease. This will be followed by a series of agreed upon fixed monthly payments for the duration of lease. After the lease expires, you may decide to return the equipment to the seller or make use of the buyout clause that is offered.

What Are The Benefits Of Restaurant Equipment Leasing?

When starting a restaurant business, you need enough cash to make sure the daily business operations run smoothly. It would be insane for you to spend four thousand dollars on a refrigerator then lack the cash to buy supplies the next day. Leasing allows you to spare your working capital for major operations in your restaurant.

To maintain your competitive edge, you need to use the latest equipment on the market. Leasing companies stock state-of-the-art equipment that you can use without committing your operating capital.

Some equipment such as dishwashers, ice machines and coffeemakers have a short lifespan. Purchasing new one will not be a worthy investment therefore leasing gives you a better return on investment.

As you use the equipment, they will most definitely depreciate. The good thing is that you do not have to stick with the equipment that has become inefficient; you can request for better equipment at no additional cost at all!

What Options Do You Have For Financing Your Lease?

As much as the costs of leasing kitchen equipment are low, there are times when you may not have the cash to spare yet you need the equipment urgently. Equipment financing companies are willing to advance you cash to pay for your lease at a small interest. You need to choose the one that will provide the best lease for you. You can ask your dealer to recommend some dealers in that niche or visit LeaseQ to get a free instant quote.

LeaseQ provides quotes from leading equipment financing companies at no cost at all. You can compare the results from these lenders according to the monthly payments or the total amount payable so that you pick what suits you. The best thing is that you can visit the site severally to shop for restaurant equipment financing without affecting your credit score. To see if you qualify for restaurant equipment leasing, click here for a free quote. click here for a free quote.

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