When planning the commercial space for your restaurant, the comfort and design of your furniture plays a vital role. Customers need comfortable chairs, couches and benches to sit on while they wait to be served or as they dine. There are several points you need to keep in mind when choosing commercial restaurant furniture - as well as why you may consider commercial restaurant furniture leasing and financing as a potential option for your business.

The Function of Commercial Restaurant Furniture

Your restaurant consists of several sections such as the lounge, the dining room and the waiting area. The tables and chairs you choose need to be comfortable enough and properly sized for the patrons eating a meal, hanging around at the bar or waiting for their table to be ready. When choosing your commercial restaurant furniture, you need to be sure that it serves the required function satisfactorily.

Commercial Restaurant Furniture Leasing

During the set up process of your restaurant, you have most likely come up with a decor and theme. The style and color of your furniture needs to match the mood and decor of your restaurant. The furniture ought to match the walls, ceiling or the floor of the restaurant. This adds a sense of elegance and ambience.

The style you choose depends with the type of restaurant you own. If it's a diner, then you can combine standard chairs and booths. These need to be comfy and soft so that patrons are comfortable and want to sit there longer. If you are after a family-style restaurant, then you need commercial restaurant furniture that will promote family seating. This normally comprises long tables and chairs arranged around the table.

If you have a patio for dining, the patio appearance needs to be attractive and stylish to appeal to the customer as well. You need to realize that most customers love dining alfresco and therefore you need to choose trendy and beautiful outdoor furniture to go along with the experience.

The look of your restaurant should create an impression in the mind of the customer about the quality of your place. Many people regard the ambience of the restaurant as even more important than the food you serve.


As much as you want your commercial space to be attractive, do not forget the element of durability. Hardy furniture will be ideal for outdoor service and seating. The furniture from LeaseQ complies with regulations set by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association (BIFMA). Their furniture can resist corrosion and therefore be able to withstand harsh weather climates.

Commercial restaurant furniture equipment is manufactured to resist any stains resulting from spillage. Spills are a way of life in any restaurant setting and any furniture that can soak up the liquid may have to be replaced.

Commercial Restaurant Furniture Leasing and Financing

Today's competitive restaurant environment makes it especially important that you use stylish furniture in order to attract more customers. With a wide range of furniture available, it's now become easier to get the best furniture according to your requirements.

One drawback is that commercial furniture comes at a high price and especially restaurant furniture that's high-end due to its style, durability and high quality. This is why commercial restaurant furniture leasing may be an intelligent option for you and your restaurant. The good news is that, thanks to LeaseQ, you have several commercial restaurant furniture financing options when you lease commercial restaurant furniture.

This makes commercial restaurant furniture leasing very attractive and sensible for any restaurant owner. You get to enhance the ambiance of your restaurant without committing a large part of your cash reserves. This allows you to keep enough cash for use in your business instead of tying it up in your furniture.

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