Crepes are known internationally for being a fun and tasty food item. These French delights have been sold on streets and at outdoor festivals for many years now, and continue to be a high seller among concessions and street vending merchants. Leasing the necessary equipment for making and selling crepes couldn't be easier, and vendors can pre-qualify for a lease in as little as two minutes.

Even with relatively poor credit, leasing crepe equipment is still very possible and can be a great way for concessions vendors to boost their sales and profits. In this article, some of the most popular and highly rated crepe machine models will be introduced and detailed for the benefit of vendors and concessions operations owners everywhere.

Crepe Machine Leasing

Crepes machines can provide a vendor with a product that is unique, simple, yet elegant and customizable as well. These are perfect products for concessions sales and street vending since they tend to appeal to such a broad range of customers and demographics.

Leasing and financing a crepe machine is a great way to make good money from crepe sales, and with the internet, leasing can even be taken care of almost exclusively online. It has never been easier to lease this highly valuable crepe equipment than it is today.

Waring WSC160 Electric Crepe Maker

This commercial grade crepe maker by Waring is a great option to lease. With a 16 inch cast iron crepe cooking surface, and a durable, long-lasting stainless steel base, this model is one that will last for years into the future. Included with this unit is a spreader, and a spatula as well. The overall dimensions of this crepe maker are a height of 9 inches, a depth of 22 inches, and a width of 22 inches.

With an easily adjustable temperature thermostat (capable of quickly reaching a top temperature of 570 degrees Fahrenheit), as well as "Ready" and "Power" indicator lights that let you know when the unit is ready to operate, this crepe machine option by Waring is a good one to consider when getting ready to lease this kind of equipment.

Equipex Commercial Crepe Maker

For the most serious of crepe producers, the Equipex commercial crepe maker is an example of one of the more high-end commercial crepe machine leasing options. With a 15.75 inch cast iron cooking plate complete with a protective finish (protective finish is made from ceramics), this crepe maker is another model that is made to last for a long time.

This unit is a great lease option, since it comes standard with a limited one year labor and parts warranty. Equipped with a batter spreader, and a utensil drawer, this particular crepe maker is great for mobile concessions and vending operations. Weighing in at a hefty 45 pounds, those leasing this product can be assured that this is a rock solid piece of equipment. In reality, more weight is better with a crepe cooking product like this, since more light-weight materials often can mean compromised durability and performance.

Crepe Machine Financing

Crepe equipment financing can help to immediately start serving your customers and not draining your cash reserves. LeaseQ can help you access the latest catering equipment needed in your restaurant without committing scarce monetary resources. Financing your cr'pe machine through LeaseQ is a great option as it allows you to use the equipment and then at the end of the lease term. You can buy the equipment for one dollar. Or traded in for new equipment. All the maintenance and service is handled by the leasing company. Consider crepe machine leasing and financing for your restaurant or food service.

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