Adjustable hospital beds have a number of mechanisms that allow the patient to adjust the firmness or tilt the height of the mattress. It is actually more comfortable than ordinary beds. People who stand to gain the most from these beds are those who are chronically ill or have back problems. Before you decide to finance and lease an adjustable bed, find out more about its benefits.

Benefits Of An Adjustable Hospital Bed

Ordinary beds usually have a flat horizontal mattress. This allows your body to shift into cramped or improper positions. If you suffer from back problems that are as a result of bad sleeping positions, sleeping on such a mattress can have you waking up in pain. Adjustable beds become extremely useful when you sleep because the adjustable bed allows you to control the way your body lays when you sleep. For instance, when the bed is slightly inclined at the foot or at the head, it prevents you from bending your legs or curling up.

The adjustable hospital bed is great for people who suffer from edema. Edema comes about as a result of the feet swelling up due to an accumulation of fluids. It can be a very painful ordeal and it can be prevented by sleeping with the legs slightly raised. An adjustable bed allows you to tilt the legs up so that fluid buildup at the legs can be prevented.

The adjustable bed is also comfortable for a person who is bed ridden. It allows them to enjoy watching television or doing any other activities that can only be done in a sitting position when on an ordinary bed. On an adjustable bed, the top half of their body will be supported just like on a chair or couch without having to leave the bed.

Does Medicare Pay For Adjustable Hospital Bed Leasing

A doctor may prescribe an adjustable bed to you if you suffer from a disability or an illness. If you are covered by Medicare, they may not cover you unless there is a secondary source of funding available. Although they do not pay for adjustable beds, they can be billed by your durable medical equipment (DME) provider. This means that you have to pay your supplier to lease the bed. They will then submit a non assigned claim to Medicare on your behalf. This also includes any completed paperwork. Medicare does not refund for adjustable beds.

Adjustable Hospital Bed Financing

Adjustable beds are not cheap to finance and this is why you need to find a supplier who will offer you a good deal. The process of finding one may take up too much time but when you go to LeaseQ, you will find things to be a little easier there.

You can get free and instance quotes from hundreds of companies. You can get a legitimate deal for as little or as much as you wish. In addition, you can see the actual payments that you are supposed to pay every month. To see if you qualify for adjustable hospital bed leasing, click here for a free quote.