Hospital furniture makes the lives of the patients comfortable during their stay at your facility. Regardless if these are brand new or used hospital furniture, the important thing is that it uplifts a patient's way of life and by extension, their family and guests as well. It would not be right to let the patient walk all the way to the coffee table just to eat or walk along the corridors. These are meant to improve patient care while creating a healing environment.

Used Hospital Furniture: Comfortable And Affordable

Acquiring used hospital furniture to meet a patient's need can contribute to their well-being. Hospital furniture is classified into three types: portable, mobile or stationary.

A. Portable Hospital Furniture can be carried or moved around.

1. Adjustable bedside tables

2. Chairs

3. Bedside stool

4. Foot stool

5. Instrument trolley

6. Monitor room trolley

7. Saline stand

8. Wheelchairs (manual and electronic)

9. Stair chair

10. Shower chair

11. Utility tables

12. Screen dividers

13. Stretchers

B. Mobile Hospital Furniture is easily or freely moved

1. Hospital bed

2. Intensive care bed

3. Emergency and recovery trolley

4. Trauma care and crash cart

5. Pediatric bed

6. Bedside cabinet carts

7. Examination table

C. Stationary Hospital Furniture pertains to those that are fixed or immoveable

1. Operating table lights

2. Medical cabinets

3. Metal folding chairs (waiting room)

4. Operating table

5. Hospital cabinet

These are just some examples of hospital furniture, which you can lease or finance at lower monthly costs.

Used Hospital Furniture Leasing: Moving With The Times

Used hospital furniture leasing has become a growing trend in the business world. Most companies prefer to lease their furniture rather than make outright cash purchases. It is a win-win situation if you think about it in the long run. Once your lease ends, you can always return the furniture; no need to worry about disposing it or storing it somewhere in order to make a new purchase.

All you have to do is ask your dealer about leasing the hospital furniture; he can refer you to an institution that handles leasing. You can also get in touch with LeaseQ for that used hospital furniture leasing that suits your business. Its hassle free and it only takes a few moments of your time.

Used Hospital Furniture Financing: Smart Move Than A Cash Purchase

Financing, as the term suggests, is purchasing now and paying later - rather than taking out a loan with exorbitant fees and interest. LeaseQ can assist you in used hospital furniture financing options which won't break the bank. Instead of paying high monthly fees, why not settle for a comfortable low fee that won't drive you crazy. One financing option would be to return the furniture at the end of the lease or you can give a $1 buyout as payment at the end of your lease.

LeaseQ can help you find that leasing option that's right for you, the process is "fast and free". There is a soft credit pull which will not hurt your credit score in any way.

If you're undecided on which one to do, don't worry. You can visit them as many times as you want at no charge. When that day comes and you've made your decision, it only takes less than two minutes to see and find out the result of your application for used hospital furniture financing. Keeping your cash intact happens when you apply for a lease and finance on your furniture.

To see if you qualify for used hospital furniture leasing, click here for a free quote.

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