In order to diagnose heart problems, doctors usually order an ECG test. Although this is an effective medical test, it has limitations. It can detect problems at the time that the patient was hooked to the ECG only. To make a complete diagnosis, a patient is asked to wear a Holter monitor for at least 48 hours, while doing his usual activities.

By the nature of this mode of diagnosis, a patient will need to take home a Holter monitor and keep it with him for several days. A medical facility, therefore, should keep several Holter monitors in their inventory so that there is always one on hand when needed. If you have more patients than monitors, then diagnosis might be delayed. Heart problems are unpredictable, and the sooner a patient is diagnosed, the sooner he can start the treatment. But Holter monitors are expensive to own. Leasing them is the smarter alternative than cash purchase for several reasons.

You Can Lease All The Holter Monitor That Your Facility Will Need

If you are a practicing cardiologist, you need to keep an inventory of Holter monitors. There are many kinds of Holters to choose from. LeaseQ gives you access to all the Holters you need for your facility. You can increase or decrease the number depending on the demand. You also do not have to worry about its maintenance. You carry up-to-date equipment, which can easily be upgraded, if you so choose. With LeaseQ, you can back over and over until you find the right equipment for you.

Holter Monitor Leasing Lets You Leverage Future Income

For those with limited resources, you can manage your cash flow so that your monthly payments will be low and affordable. LeaseQ delivers various lease quotes to you so that you can compare and decide which financing and leasing company to deal with. By leasing, you can use future income to finance your current needs. You can also negotiate that soft cost like training will form part of the lease price. You can then use the savings you made to purchase more Holters or for other medical equipment.

Holter Monitor Financing Gives You Several Options

LeaseQ understands that you need to maximize your resources in order to save more lives. It offers several tailor-made solutions to all your financing needs. You can lease Holter monitors by paying low monthly payments for a fixed period. At the end of the lease, you can either renew or upgrade your Holters.

If on the other hand, you want to own Holter monitors but do no have the means to make a cash purchase, LeaseQ will help find a take out loan that is right for you. You can also opt to enter into a lease purchase agreement where you pay only $1 at the end of the period and own the equipment.

If your credit is damaged, LeaseQ has a soft credit pull that will not impact your personal credit score. You take control of your leasing process.

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