A hospital is considered competitive when it has its own medical imaging equipment. With good reason, since most doctors rely on these advance diagnostic tools. A patient wants the convenience of taking medical tests under one roof. But a cash purchase of this equipment is expensive, running into millions of dollars for brand new ones. If your facility is not awash with cash, try used medical imaging equipment instead.

Most people are wary of used equipment, equating them to low quality. This is simply not true. With used medical imaging equipment, you know that it works. Before this equipment are passed on, they are inspected, repaired and non-working parts replaced. Thus, it is as good as new when it is passed on to the next user, sometimes even better, with the price substantially lower than brand new ones. You can further increase your savings by leasing used medical imaging equipment. There are many valid reasons for leasing rather than cash purchase.

You Are Assured That The Used Medical Imaging Equipment Will Work

Although these used equipment may not be the latest release, you are assured that this particular model really works. The problem with owning brand new equipment is that you unwittingly become a test subject in the real world. New releases are usually tested in the sterile environment of a laboratory. There's nothing like reality that brings out all the kinks of an equipment. Used equipment on the other hand, has been road-tested.

You can choose from a good number of dealers in the database of LeaseQ. You can find the equipment that is right for your facility. Their leasing process is fast, easy and most of all, free!

Used Medical Imaging Equipment Leasing Will Free Up Your Cash Flow

There is no large upfront expense when leasing used equipment. Thus, you save more, savings you can use to add more equipment to your facility. LeaseQ delivers several lease quotes to you for comparison. Thus, you can keep your monthly payments low. You can ask your dealers or you can go directly to LeaseQ.

Used Medical Imaging Equipment Financing Gives You Several Options

LeaseQ understands your needs and will help you make the most of your resources. If, like a majority of hospitals and clinics, you would rather lease used medical imaging equipment, LeaseQ will help you find the right equipment and dealer for you. Leasing gives you a lot of benefits. But if you would rather own the equipment but do not have cash, LeaseQ will help you get a takeout loan. You can also opt to enter into a buyout agreement, paying a minimal amount of $1 at end of the period in order to own it. And if you have credit issues, LeaseQ has a soft credit pull that has no impact on your personal credit score. Whatever you choose, LeaseQ is here to help.

To see if you qualify for used medical imaging equipment leasing, click here for a free quote.

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