One of the most expensive things to finance when starting a new restaurant or renovating it is the equipment. Most people opt to make a cash purchase on used kitchen restaurant equipment or leasing it but is this a good idea?

Tips On Selecting Used Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

When looking for used kitchen equipment, always go to a distributor who deals in kitchen equipment. The reason for this is that you will get quality products from a reputable distributor unlike when you go to old Joe across the road who will not mention important details such as broken parts. Distributors are honest about their equipment and will tell you if the equipment has something missing. They are in business and will always strive to protect their reputation.

Small restaurant wares such as glasses, restaurant dishes, centerpiece vases, and salt and pepper shakers can easily be purchased from a second hand dealer. The only problem is that you may not immediately find those that blend well with your decor.

Always select top of the line brands. Even if your equipment is used, it will still serve you in the years to come based on the quality of manufacturing.

If you have a closed restaurant setting, used equipment is permissible but if it is in an open setting, new equipment will look much more attractive. This however is not to say that used equipment cannot look just as good but the aesthetics of your restaurant are very important if you want to attract the right customers.

Find out the warranty information on all used restaurant equipment. Some equipment comes with longer labor and parts warranty such as range or convection ovens.

Used Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Leasing Tips

You should be aware of local regulations. There are certain regulations that you must follow before submitting your lease application. Find out what your local regulations say about city zoning, building inspection, fire inspection and local health department.

Avoid over buying. Starting the restaurant business can be pretty exciting for an upcoming entrepreneur and they may end up taking too many equipment or gadgets that they do not even need. It is important to prioritize the equipment that you need before ordering equipment to be leased. If possible, try and lease as much versatile equipment as possible; this means that you should go for equipment that can perform more than one task.

Used Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Financing Made Easier

As a business person, you need to find the best used kitchen equipment available in the market today. Since you want to spend as little time as possible searching for reliable distributors that deal with used equipment, we recommend that you try out LeaseQ.

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