Ownership of equipment is not what produces revenue, it is the use of the equipment is what brings productivity. Coffee equipment leasing is something that can help you start your business. Not all people who want to start a coffee shop or restaurant have enough capital to purchase all the equipment for making and serving coffee. Before you start looking for equipment that you can lease, you should learn about the benefits of leasing and where you can find a company that offers equipment you can borrow.

People enjoy staying in coffee shops and diners, these places generally make people happy. Restaurants that serve coffee offer customers a different service which can separate you from your competition. Instead of leaving after a meal, your customers can stay for a cup of coffee and maybe some dessert. Serving coffee can really make a difference and will serve as a memorable experience for customers. The quality of the coffee or espresso machine that you use to make the coffee is just as important as the beans you purchase.

Benefits Of Coffee Equipment Leasing

There are just some types of restaurant equipment that you do not have to purchase. Coffee equipment leasing can save you a lot of start-up cash which you can invest in your inventory supply. When you lease coffee equipment, you do not have to pay a big sum for the machines to make the beverages. Some restaurant equipment leasing companies even charge a small downpayment at the start of the lease contract. Not only will you be able to save on your starting capital, you will be able to cut down your taxes. Leasing equipment allows you to lower what you have to pay by treating the lease as a deductible expense for your income tax. This does not increase your liabilities and even gives you a cleaner balance sheet by the end of the month.

Types Of Coffee Equipment

For a coffee shop or restaurant to be able to serve fresh coffee, there are a number of different types of equipment that are needed. The kind of equipment that you need for coffee making depend on the kind of beverages you want to serve - hot or cold coffee, hot or iced tea. The great thing about leasing this kind of equipment is that if it breaks, you don't have to pay for costly repairs. Some of the different coffee equipment that you might need are:

Serving carts


Thermal carafes

Thermal servers



Coffee machines

Espresso machines

Coffee vending machines


coffee shop furniture


Tea brewers

How To Find Coffee Equipment Financing

It is not difficult to locate a company that offers coffee equipment financing if you know how to conduct an online search. Look for reliable companies online that offer easy financing payment schemes. Always take note of interest rates before you sign a contract because some loans might seem better than others until you read the fine print. Coffee equipment leasing can help your business get started with a lower capital.

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