Effective restaurants require proper equipment to function at their best. If your restaurant involves buffet-style food presentation, your equipment needs are specific and costly. The process to acquire and maintain this equipment is a challenge, and often requires a substantial initial cash outlay. However, there are attractive leasing options available to you that can make this process much easier to navigate and afford.

Restaurant Buffet Equipment

There are specific types of equipment that buffet presentation requires. For example, a buffet needs a station where diners can access clean plates. While a server-based restaurant does not need a clean, presentable location for plates, a buffet certainly does. Steam tables are another item that you need in order to set up an effective buffet presentation. Since temperature is vital to food presentation and diner enjoyment, buffets need a mechanism to keep food warm. Depending on the style of buffet, you could also need carving stations, beverage dispensers and restaurant buffet equipment that require a substantial amount of money for a cash purchase.

Restaurant Buffet Equipment Leasing

One way that you can navigate the associated costs with this type of equipment is to explore a lease option. With a lease, the cost of the equipment you need is condensed into a low monthly payment. This allows for easy budgeting and resource allocation from month to month. Another benefit of a lease is that you can take delivery of the equipment and use the additional profitability of your business to subsidize the equipment cost. In this way, your investment in your business has a much higher cost to return ratio at an earlier time.

To explore your lease options in detail, ask your dealer for a qualified lease agent or head over to LeaseQ for a free quote. The process is fast and simple. In fact, the entire process can be completed in about two minutes. While there is a soft credit check associated with this process, rest assured that the process has no negative impact on your credit score.

Restaurant Buffet Equipment Financing

There are a number of other advantages that restaurant buffet equipment financing and leasing options have over a direct cash purchase. With your lease, installation and maintenance costs are handled by the equipment owner. This is another way that your lease allows for easy budgeting and avoidance of unexpected cash outlays. The end of your lease also presents attractive options for you. Most leases allow for an optional buyout payment of one dollar. In this way, you can gain all the benefits of a cash purchase while still enjoying the low monthly payment option. You can also decide to return the equipment with no obligation to buy, if your needs change in the future. Your lease affords you a great deal of flexibility.

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