The restaurant business is a billion dollar per day industry. It is time to get your piece of the pie and own the business of your dreams. Naysayers attempt to make the claim that owning and operating a restaurant business is a bad business investment.

The single largest item to plan for when starting a restaurant, after obtaining a building, is the kitchen equipment. Now is the time to capture your dreams, and slay the giants of expensive startup costs by leasing the essential equipment. Leasing has never been less scary, and getting a pre-qualified kitchen equipment lease is a simple process with no sales reps to deal with.

Warming Equipment Leasing

The right equipment promotes efficiency in the kitchen. Having the best equipment with the latest technologies is what every kitchen manager desires. Purchasing equipment may be the biggest hindrance to starting a restaurant, but with a lease, equipment is now more affordable than ever. Leasing equipment is a method that allows the restaurant owner to obtain the latest technologies without the cost of purchasing the equipment outright. A lease has several financial advantages, most notably the lower payments associated with leasing. Another big plus is that a lease is typically easier to obtain than a bank loan.

Food Warming Equipment

Keeping food warm is a critical part of the food delivery system for any efficient kitchen operation. Food warming equipment such as buffet warmers, counter food warmers, drop-in food wells and heated drawers can all be leased at a lower cost than purchasing. Large and small food operations will benefit from leasing their equipment as opposed to purchasing. A trained professional, one who is knowledgeable about leases and specific restaurant needs is the best place to start when deciding between leasing and purchasing equipment. A free leasing quote is simple to obtain.

Warming Equipment Financing

Leasing is a better option than traditional bank financing for all your equipment needs. Warming equipment financing through leasing has several financial benefits for the restaurant owner. The biggest advantage of leasing is the conservation of precious capital. There are significant tax savings when leasing equipment because the payments can be written off. A lease is one method of simplifying record keeping and producing neater balance sheets. Bank lines of credit are usually untouched with a leasing arrangement which means more money for other projects. Leasing equipment presents numerous advantages over traditional bank loans for the restaurant operator.

The restaurant business is a lucrative industry, an industry that continues to expand even in difficult times. Running a restaurant may have its share of headaches, purchasing equipment does not have to be one. Leasing restaurant equipment is one way to minimize the hassles while reducing the initial startup expenditures. A quality lease from a reputable company like LeaseQ can help control the monthly expenses. A pre-qualified quote is always free and easy to get.

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