Restaurant Sanitation Equipment Leasing

Health violations are a major concern for any restaurant. The costs associated with compliance initiatives and fines are large. On top of that, customers expect a certain level of cleanliness in a restaurant. One of the ways that you can prove to your customers that you are dedicated to providing a safe and clean dining experience while avoiding the costs associated with a health violation is to explore restaurant sanitation equipment leasing.

Since there are a lot of items required for a comprehensive restaurant sanitation strategy, a lease is an important consideration for you. With a lease, you can obtain all the items you need without entering into a difficult cash purchase scenario. For the entire lease agreement, you would simply need to make an affordable monthly payment. This keeps your monthly costs low and consistent. Additionally, at the end of the lease agreement, you can choose to make a buyout payment of one dollar. This buyout payment allows you to take ownership of the equipment. Otherwise, you can choose to return the equipment to the dealer and enter in to a new lease agreement.

Your equipment dealer can recommend a lease dealer to you, or you can go to LeaseQ for a free instant quote. Either way, the leasing and financing experts at LeaseQ are available to help find the lease that's right for you. The application process is fast and free, and while it does involve a credit check this will not have a negative effect on your credit score. Exploring sanitation equipment leasing options is very simple, and the entire application process takes under two minutes to complete.

Restaurant Sanitation Equipment

From trash cans to soap dispensers, there is a variety of sanitation options designed to meet the needs of your restaurant. For your kitchen, hair nets, floor mats and towel dispensers ensure that your food preparation team meets health requirements. Adequate trash receptacles are necessary in the kitchen, dining room and restroom areas. While state laws vary on cigarette use, your restaurant might need to make sure that appropriate containers for cigarette refuse are located at convenient locations.

Cleaning supplies, such as mops and buckets, are also required for your sanitation crew. As you can see, this is quite a long list of items. Furthermore, this list is by no means comprehensive. Depending on the unique needs of your specific restaurant environment, your list of necessary restaurant sanitation equipment might be substantially longer. And because the list of required equipment is so long restaurant sanitation equipment leasing and financing is a symbol option that many restaurant owners choose to pursue.

Restaurant Sanitation Equipment Financing

Should you decide that a lease is not the option for you, you can always purchase all your sanitation equipment. When you make a cash purchase, there are a number of financing options available as well. These options offer a similar low monthly payment as with a lease. And if you choose to go this route, you own the equipment as long as you make your monthly payment. This is both a benefit and a drawback. Depending on your needs and the nature of the equipment, restaurant sanitation equipment financing for a cash purchase might be the best option.

However, most restaurant owners choose to lease and finance their restaurant sanitation equipment because of the flexibility, the tax benefits and the ease of applying and financing that equipment through online resources such as LeaseQ. We LeaseQ, the leasing and financing application takes less than two minutes in the soft credit check has absolutely no effect on your credit rating. It's a convenient way to get the equipment you want with the benefits of leasing and little upfront cash outlay.

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