Having a well functioning char broiling unit in your small, medium, or large scale food service business can significantly improve the quality of the food products being served. Char broiler leasing in the 21st century is a breeze, since potential lessees have the option of handling their lease procedure exclusively online, through an outlet like LeaseQ.com. Many concessions operation and restaurant owners are pre-qualified for their lease in as little as two minutes, which is hard to beat in today's leasing market. An impressive char broiler unit can ensure that all of the meats, grilled seafood items, and grilled vegetables are cooked to the satisfaction of both the culinary business owner, and their customers as well. When it comes to char broiling foods, it is wise to select a char broiler unit for lease that can easily accommodate any volume of customers and product orders. For the benefit of food service businesses considering this kind of equipment lease, some of the different char broiler leasing options will be considered, and some of the best and most highly rated char broiler units will be introduced and detailed.

Char Broiler Leasing

The use of the internet has truly revolutionized the nature of leasing commercial culinary equipment. With the rise of online leasing outlets like LeaseQ.com, food service businesses can easily browse through the available leasing opportunities, and get free quotes for specific leasing terms.

Even with a credit rating that is moderate, or even not so good, leasing a char broiler unit is still possible for many potential lessees. The following are a couple examples of commercial grade char broiling units that could be attractive models to lease:

Char Broiler Equipment: Product Option "Bakers Pride L-24GS"

This gas powered commercial grade char broiler unit is a highly rated solution for many food service industry businesses. With its low profile and adjustable top grate assembly, this model is a true beauty in terms of conserving space and being highly functional at the same time. Not to mention its all stainless steel body construction, as well as stainless steel grease pan, top section, and front section too.

This model of commercial char broiler is a great lease option for the fact that it comes with manufacturer's one year labor and parts warranty, and also because it is such a highly functional unit, considering its relatively small size.

Char Broiler Equipment Financing: Product Option "Vollrath 40730"

The Vollrath 40730 is another example of a commercial char broiler unit that is operated by gas; this unit is quite similar to the Bakers Pride unit detailed above, but this one is a bit smaller and more affordable to lease than the Bakers Pride L-24Gs Char Broiler. Featuring a rugged and long-lasting aluminized and welded stainless steel construction, this unit can be expected to perform excellently for years into the future.

This unit is a somewhat unique commercial char broiler unit, since it offers its lessees the capacity to utilize lava rocks as a special kind of heating element. This gives food a distinct taste and flavor when char broiled in this manner.

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