A commercial space that is clean and thoroughly sanitized provides your customers a pleasant experience and enhances the beauty of your working environment. Commercial janitorial supplies consist of products that make cleaning tasks around your restaurant easy for you. Commercial janitorial supplies leasing is also a great way for you to save money when acquiring these kinds of supplies for your restaurant or business.

Commercial Janitorial Supplies Serve Your Cleaning Needs

Advancements in technology have resulted in safe and handy cleaning chemicals that are readily available on the market and highly efficient and cleaning your restaurant. Commercial janitorial equipment and supplies are specially formulated to handle the most difficult cleaning requirements. With these supplies and equipment, you can effectively clean, deodorize, disinfect and dispose of waste in your restaurant.

Types of Commercial Janitorial Equipment and Supplies

Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

Businesses that deal with hospitality are prone to infection because of the types of materials handled. A wide range of cleaning chemicals and disinfectants help you control infection as well as sanitize your environment. Cleaners come with active components that kill germs therefore preventing the spread of flu and as well as keep your commercial kitchen environment healthy and germ-free.

Squeegees and Washers

Squeegees and easy to use washers are suitable for cleaning different surfaces including windows, floors, walls, tabletops and more. These cleaning products are designed using durable materials to make them long-lasting as well as ideal for abrasive scrubbing of different surfaces. Washers come in different designs, with each designed to provide smooth control during use. The washers come with replaceable pads to ensure convenient cleaning.

Sponges and Scrubbers

A commercial setting that receives a lot of traffic needs commercial sponges and scrubbers ideal for removing tough stains, grimes and spots. These commercial janitorial supplies are ideal for cleaning your restaurant equipment, vents, bathroom fixtures, office equipment, walls, patio furniture, ceilings, tiles, working surfaces and more.

Storage and Distribution Tools

These tools make it easier for the janitor to transport their cleaning supplies and equipment from place to place. They usually have a receptacle for garbage on one side, shelves for janitorial supplies, slots for mops and a caddy to hold cleaning agents. The caddy is detachable and making it easy for the cleaner to carry it into rooms without wheeling the cart inside.

Paper Products

These are essential and need to be restocked in break rooms and kitchens on daily basis. They include toilet paper, paper towels for the toilets and utensils and paper plates for the kitchen.

Waste Receptacles

Proper waste management makes your commercial environment fresh and free of germs. There are various models of waste receptacles that are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. These receptacles help resolve your waste disposal requirements and come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Depending on your requirements, you can use receptacles that can be used to recycle glass, aluminum, paper, plastic and many other materials.

Commercial Janitorial Supplies Financing Options

Commercial janitorial equipment and supplies do not come cheap; therefore, you may have to resort to financial assistance. One of the easiest and quickest commercial janitorial supplies financing options is with commercial janitorial supplies leasing. Leasing involves getting into an agreement with a leasing company to use equipment and pay a fixed monthly fee. This option helps secure your working capital, which you can use in other operations in the restaurant. In many cases, companies such as LeaseQ can finance the supplies for you as well, saving you much needed capital for your operation.

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