The quantity of used medical equip that can be purchased or leased continues to grow every day. New equipment continues to be invented out of necessity while manufacturers continue to improve on the existing ones. There are many categories of health equipment that you can choose from. Below is a detailed explanation of some of them. This information is useful because it will help you narrow down your search category.

Categories Of Used Medical Equip

The first category is surgical equip. These may range from stainless steel tools to diagnostic scopes that doctors insert into a patient's body so as to examine those hard to reach areas.

Durable medical equipment, otherwise known as D.M.E, is another category. It includes wheelchairs, bath safety equipment, transfer equipment and walking aids. These equipments are normally tested by the manufacturer and are proven to be durable because the patients that use them rely on them to be comfortable and safe. They are tested for their weight bearing strength and their non slip features.

The third category is equip for acute care. These require certified medical staff to operate them. They include non surgical instruments, monitoring equipment, wound and skin care kits, minor procedure trays and general purpose trays.

Things You Should Not Overlook In Used Medical Equip Leasing

It is normal to negotiate for better terms in a lease but everything that you discuss with your lessor should be put into writing. If it's not in writing then it's not binding so your lessor can choose not to honor their promises.

Your lease should have an out clause whereby you can choose to terminate your lease before it ends. Of course you will be liable for any fee that is associated with early termination and you may have to forfeit any deposits that you had paid.

If you would like to automatically renew your lease, there should be a clause for it also. There should be another clause that states that at the end of your lease, you can lease new or better versions of the used equip. This protects you from having to use obsolete equipment.

Ensure that you inspect your used equip before signing the lease. This is to protect you from having to repair pre-existing damage. Your lease should clearly state the condition of the equipment before you sign it.

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