One way to uplift a patient's way of life is by providing a comfortable bed. Normal mattresses aren't adjustable therefore it could be difficult for the patient, especially because they will have to exert some effort just to take their meal. Acquiring hospital beds is a wiser choice; second hand hospital beds work the same but at a lesser cost.

Did you know that there are different kinds of hospital beds? Your patient's bed isn't the only hospital bed in a medical facility.

1. Gatch Bed - this is the most common hospital bed. It has three moveable parts equipped with springs that allow adjustments to the head area, middle area and foot area of the bed.

2. Electric Bed - a modern hospital bed which has buttons on the side rails allowing the patient to adjust the bed on their own.

3. Stretchers - these are commonly found in the emergency room designed for mobility and transfer of patients.

4. Low Beds - these are approximately 8 inches from the floor; designed for patients who have a tendency to fall off in spite of raising the railings.

5. Low Air Loss Beds - these are designed for burn, skin graft and patients with circulatory and/or skin problems. It has special cushions which are designed to blow air into the sacs of the mattress.

6. Circo-electric Beds - these beds resemble a hamster wheel which allows the patient to be turned but cannot be moved; patients such as those with severe skin condition, burns or those with spinal injuries.

7. Clinitron Beds - it works like the low air loss bed however, instead of providing a cooling feeling due to air, this bed is filled with a sand-like substance that gives off a dry warm air while maintaining leveled temperature and providing an even support to the body.

Now you know why leasing and financing hospital beds is a better option, each having unique function which the other does not possess.

Second Hand Hospital Beds: Comfortable and Affordable

Hospital beds have evolved over the years, from basic metal framework and mattress to electrical and automatic beds; one push of a button adjusts comfortably to their body. Medical equipment can now be plugged to the bed. In spite of its pre-owned status, second hand hospital beds have the same features as brand new beds. Practicality and functionality are good factors to keep in mind when acquiring second hand beds.

Benefits of Second Hand Hospital Bed Leasing

Acquiring a certain amount of hospital beds requires money, which would make you lose more before you can actually calculate your earnings. The upside of second hand hospital bed leasing is that you return the bed at the end of the lease or you could opt to make a $1 buyout at the end of the lease. Simply ask your dealer about leasing pre-owned hospital beds or search for LeaseQ on the internet. They can assist you in finding the leasing option that fits you.

Second Hand Hospital Bed Financing: A Great Deal For You

Finding low monthly cost for purchasing used hospital beds is a hard task, unless you know a company that offers a good deal in second hand hospital bed financing. "Fast and Free" are two things about LeaseQ's leasing process. Also, there is a soft credit pull, but it will not affect your credit rating. Their application process takes less than two minutes and you're done.

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