Just like a lot of businesses these days, many healthcare facilities and clinics put off getting new equipment because of the economic downturn. This means that you have to stick with your old and worn out equipment which might not even work as well. If you don't have the budget to expand, emergency medical equipment leasing might just be the solution you are looking for. This is a business tool used by a lot of companies so that they can obtain the equipment or furniture they need in order to complete their project.

What Is Emergency Medical Equipment Leasing?

Emergency medical equipment leasing is when you enter a lease contract with a dealer or supplier for certain equipment. They provide you with the furniture, devices or supplies that you need for your clinic, medical office or healthcare facility in exchange for a monthly fee. The great thing about leasing equipment is that if anything breaks or doesn't work, the company who is lending you the equipment can repair the machine or even replace it. They will also conduct regular maintenance checks just to make sure that everything is going smoothly. Most companies deliver the equipment right to your clinic and they even set it up for you.

Benefits Of Leasing Emergency Medical Equipment

Unlike making huge cash purchases for your equipment, leasing emergency medical equipment can actually help you save a large chunk of your start-up funds. You get to keep your money in the bank and even preserve your credit line. The money that you save can be used for other things such as more advanced devices or payroll. Leased equipment is considered an operational expense. This means that you will get a higher deductible on your income tax for these things. Leasing medical equipment, supplies and devices can help you better manage your cash flow and keep your balance sheet in check.

Why Choose Emergency Medical Equipment Financing

If you are in need of new equipment, you should look at options other than taking out a bank loan. Emergency medical equipment financing means that you can either choose to lease the things you need or take out a loan for them. However, unlike borrowing from the bank, you will not need a heavy down payment or collateral. This means that you can still conserve your cash. Financing equipment gives you more options and more flexibility. You will benefit from financial freedom and you will be able to track your spending. Some suppliers and dealers will even allow you to buyout their equipment at the end of a lease. There are times when equipment buyouts can go for as low as $1.

When looking for a dealer, supplier or manufacturer who can provide you with the best emergency medical equipment, it is best to shop around first. Compare rates, prices and equipment models. LeaseQ can provide you with a list of dealers who will be more than happy to help you with your project. You can apply for a fast and free quote. To see if you qualify for emergency medical equipment leasing, click here for a free quote.

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