Instead of purchasing new ophthalmic equipment, you can purchase top quality refurbished ophthalmic equipment instead. Refurbished ophthalmic equipment is very different from used medical equipment. Below is a detailed explanation of what the difference is and what the benefits of purchasing refurbished equipment are.

Refurbished Ophthalmic Equipment

Refurbished equipment is basically used equipment that has been repaired and any worn parts have been replaced. Manufacturers are prohibited by the law from selling refurbished equipment as new ones.

There are many benefits of purchasing refurbished equipment. Imagine a scenario where a new ophthalmic device was bought by a health facility with a 30 day money back guarantee. Unfortunately, the equipment is returned back to the manufacturer after 20 days because of a mild defect. The manufacturer inspects the equipment, replaces the defective part and repackages it like a new one. The price of the equipment instantly drops simply because the package was opened.

The main reason why people purchase refurbished equipment as demonstrated above is to save on costs. Secondly, they do not have to worry about the equipment not working because it has been tested by the manufacturer and proven to work. Moreover, it comes with the original manufacturing warranty.

Leasing Refurbished Ophthalmic Equipment

There are some tips that could help you decide whether you actually need to lease refurbished ophthalmic equipment. One of them is that you consider how long you will need to use the equipment without having to upgrade it. Can it go ten years without it becoming obsolete? If so, then the best lease for you would be one where you make payments over long periods of time.

If you want to increase your chances of getting approved for a lease, emphasize the kind of experience that you have especially if you are a start up health facility. Some lessor are very skeptical of who they finance.

Talk to your lessor about the options they have when your lease is over. Will they give you a buyout option or will you have to return the equipment? Most leases usually have either a $1 buyout whereby at the end of your lease you can purchase the ophthalmic equipment for just one dollar or you can purchase it at fair market price.

Financing Refurbished Ophthalmic Equipment

There is now an easy, free and secure way of financing or leasing ophthalmic equipment. You do not have to put with sales reps because you will have total control of choosing the company you want to lease from. Not only that, but you do not have to worry about your damaged credit or if you are an upcoming health facility.

This is because there is an online platform that only makes soft credit inquiries so there will be no impact on your credit. You can get free and instant quotes in less than one minute from real lenders. Does this sound a little too good to be true? Why don't you find this out for yourself by visiting LeaseQ, the leading source of instant leasing quotes from hundreds of leasing finance companies?

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