Some ecg machines have SD cards while others have an in-built memory. Ensure that you choose one with a high memory capacity so that you can be able to show the saved readings to your doctor later on.

The machine should give you a detailed analysis report. For instance, it should display various elements such as a basic interpretation of the readings and a heart rate. Some machines may be more advanced than others and may offer different levels of interpretations. Interpretations are based on different criteria so ensure that you are knowledgeable on what these criteria are.

Portable Ecg Machine Leasing Red Flags

Stay away from dealers who give you leases that are unclear about renewal options or renewal clauses. Unless you want the portable ecg machine for only a short period of time, never sign a lease that does not give you a renewal option. If there are any renewal options, the lease should clearly state how long you will need to renew it and if there will be an increase in the amount that you pay for leasing if you renew it.

A supplier who says, "Trust me" has given you an even bigger reason not to trust them. Verbal agreements or oral transactions are a sure way of losing money and getting poor quality services from a lender. All terms of your lease, no matter how small or petty you think they are, should be in writing. This not only protects you but it also protects your lender.

Some lenders have been known to pass out direct cost of repairs and maintenance to lessees. Any extra fees that you are supposed to pay should be clearly spelled out in your lease.

Portable Ecg Machine Financing

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LeaseQ offers you total control so that you can freely choose the companies that you prefer for equipment leasing.

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