Spending on large cash purchases to acquire the latest Jones medical equipment might not be the most practical option for healthcare facilities. Long-term acquisitions that are purchased with short-term cash are something that clinics and hospitals generally avoid. If you want to improve your technology in order to give the best care that your patients deserve, you need to learn about the benefits of leasing or financing your equipment. Many healthcare facilities choose to spend on cash purchases because they believe that this is their only option. Once you learn about how equipment leasing can help you, you'll be sure to never look back.

Why Choose To Lease Jones Medical Equipment?

There are a lot of reasons why you should lease Jones medical equipment. The most obvious reason is so that you can save cash and stick to your budget. There are a lot of dealers and suppliers who offer this type of equipment with reasonable lease contracts. Once you build a strong relationship with a dealer, you can upgrade your equipment more often. This means that you will never have to use obsolete equipment to treat patients.

Top 5 Benefits Of Jones Medical Equipment Leasing

Besides saving on your capital and keeping your credit lines open, there are quite a number of benefits to leasing Jones medical equipment. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose this option:

1. Tax benefits - the dealer you have entered the lease contract with can transfer the tax benefits to you. This means that you can get lower rates for your monthly payments. Equipment leases are considered an operational expense, which means that you can get higher deductibles on your income tax.

2. Repairs - dealers conduct regular maintenance and will repair broken devices or equipment.

3. Upgrades - you won't have to be tied down to once piece of equipment ever again.

4. 100% financing - leasing is equivalent to 100% financing where you don't have to worry about a large downpayment.

5. Fixed monthly costs - better manage your finances with no hidden costs or extra fees.

Jones Medical Equipment Financing Options

When you choose medical equipment financing, you have a lot of options. If you don't want to lease the equipment, you can always choose to finance. This is not like borrowing money from the bank where you will need to present collateral or pay a percentage of the total cost. Leasing equipment also gives you financial freedom. You don't have to be tied down to any type of equipment that is prone to becoming obsolete since you can enter a new lease contract once yours ends. This means that you can always upgrade your technology and stay on top of the game. There are a lot of dealers who also offer buyout options that go for as low as $1.

LeaseQ gives you access to a lot of different dealers and suppliers. You can find the equipment lease you need through this website. Find out how much an equipment lease might cost and prepare your clinic in terms of finances. To see if you qualify for Jones medical equipment leasing, click here for a free quote.

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