Patients who are on Warfarin for anti-coagulation therapy, due to their blood being too thin or too thick often need to have their blood tested to ensure there are no problems. In the past, this blood test was done by both a vein and a finger stick. This means patients had to travel to their doctor often to find out if their medication needed to be adjusted. An INR testing machine can eliminate the need to travel to your doctor and save you time and money in the long run.

What Is An INR Testing Machine?

The INR is a testing machine that patients can use at home to determine their risk for blood clots. All that you will need to do at home is stick your finger, test your blood and report the number to your doctor. They will make adjustments in your medication as the test indicates. You will be free of visiting the doctor. You will be free to travel on vacation or business without worry about your doctor appointments to get lab work done and you will still be on top of your blood coagulation risks. The INR testing machine that you use at home or wherever you are is very reliable. It is as good as visiting the doctor so you will have peace of mind that you are managing your warfarin the way you are supposed to. The problem that most patients have with home testing, even though it will save them money and time, is the price of the machine. Some can end up costing quite a bit and this means it is not always easy to make the large cash purchase required. In an effort to help those patients who need it the most, some financing companies are willing to lease medical supplies, even the INR testing machine.

All You Need To Know About INR Testing Machine Leasing

Leasing is a great option if you, like most people who need anti-coagulation therapy, also have financial restrictions that do not allow you to spend a couple thousand dollars on your home care devices. With any medical issue, times can get tough on a bank account. Leasing can help you get what you need, when you need it, and you will have low monthly payments rather than a large cash purchase price. One thing that many home care patients enjoy with leasing is the simple fact that there is no effect on your credit report due to leasing because a lease is only a soft credit pull. It also gives patients the option to try out their INR testing machine before making a large cash purchase. When you lease the large cash purchase never comes and at the end of your lease you have the option to return your INR testing machine and try another type of machine or keep it and buyout your lease for sometimes as little as $1. You can ensure that you have the INR testing machine that works best for you. Ask your local medical supply dealer if they know of any good financing options or contact LeaseQ at for their free instant quote. They can help you find the financing option that will work the best for your situation and your finances.

LeaseQ INR Testing Machine Financing Options May Include Taking Out A Loan Or INR Testing Machine Leasing

When you choose a company like LeaseQ you will not have to worry about how much the INR testing machine will cost you as a cash purchase. Your payments will be split up over time to ease the financial strain of your testing. You can feel free to visit their site and get your free instant quote and you will never be obligated to use them for your lease. LeaseQ simply allows you to see all your possible financing options before you commit to a company. You can apply as often as you need to while deciding. The application process will always take less than two minutes and you will know what INR testing machine financing options are available to you.

To see if you qualify for INR testing machine leasing, click here for a free quote.