For growing laboratories, leasing basic lab equipment has become the most practical way in which medical facilities can fund their requirements. Well over 80% of medical facilities today lease equipment. This is simply not just another passing phase, but the financial benefits that come along with leasing are evident.

Basic Lab Equipment - Purchase or Lease

When acquiring basic lab equipment, you have a choice between purchasing the equipment that you need, or leasing it. Not only does leasing assist you in defraying costs, but is a proven way in which medical facilities can expand and grow. Leasing allows you to use the latest technology, which in turn translates to improved services for your patients.

Basic Lab Equipment Leasing

One of the major reasons of leasing basic lab equipment is that you get to free up your cash as well as your credit lines, which you can use in the future. Since purchasing lab equipment is costly, it is sensible to lease with the aim of deferring the costs. In addition, the lower costs will enable you to afford more equipment. Another reason why leasing basic lab equipment is a good idea is financial forecasting. You are able to know your exact payments beforehand. By paying small monthly fixed costs, the medical facility can maintain its expenses within the budget.

Medical facilities that want to remain competitive should definitely consider leasing their equipment. Take note that as the business grows, so do the equipment requirements. Whether you require additional equipment or upgrades, leasing will provide you with the perfect solution. The flexibility of leasing will allow you to make a final payment for the equipment at the expiration of the lease, or you could choose to upgrade, continue with the lease or return the equipment. You simply need to determine your leasing requirements. Ask your provider for recommendations of leasing companies or you could get a fast and free quotation from LeaseQ. They have a quick two-minute application.

Basic Lab Equipment Financing

You have the option of making a cash purchase of the basic lab equipment that you need or you could choose to lease the same. Before you decide to take out a loan and purchase such equipment, you should think critically about the implications of taking such a loan. Are you aware that a loan is a liability? Do you know that a loan reflects in your balance sheet? Keep in mind that you must pay back the loan with interest. Also are you ready to bear the loss in case the lab equipment that you purchased through the acquisition of a loan becomes obsolete? With this in mind, then you should consider leasing the basic lab equipment that you need for your medical facility. LeaseQ offers a soft credit pull that has no impact on your credit score.

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