Refurbished, remanufactured, used and new are all very confusing terms used by EKG machine resellers and manufacturers. What is the difference between all these terms anyway and why do you need to know this information? Below is a brief overview of what the terms mean.

Refurbished, Remanufactured, Used And A New EKG Machine

Refurbished EKG machines are used machines that have been audited, cleaned and tested by a third party and not the original manufacturer. It includes replacing any broken or worn out parts on the machine. Refurbished EKG machines usually cost much less than new ones although they both function in a similar manner.

Remanufactured EKG machines on the other hand are used equipment which has been refurbished by the original manufacturer. The manufacturer tested the equipment after refurbishing and ensured that it was in good working condition before distributing it for sale or lease.

Used EKG machines are those that are leased or bought as is. They are sold without any updates, cleaning and testing is limited. They are cheaper than the rest and most of them do not come with a warranty.

New EKG machines simply mean that they are unused and are distributed by an authorized channel. An authorized channel here just means that the equipment is distributed by the manufacturer's representative who in turn gets a commission on every sale that he makes.

Tips For EKG Machine Leasing

Always work with someone who understands the kind of EKG machine that you want. Do they specialize in refurbished, new, used or remanufactured EKG machines? They should be able to understand the value of each option, and how it will impact your health facility's ability to provide financing.

The financial world consists of numerous strategies of risk management. Not every company you go to will have the same risk tolerance level and this is what will help you find a vendor that specializes in your organization's credit. If you find one vendor cannot lease to a health facility that has a poor credit score, you may find one that is willing to work with one that has damaged credit.

Only work with reputable vendors. They should be listed with a leasing association and be able to provide you with the information that you need upfront.

EKG Machine Financing With LeaseQ

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