Getting a weight bench that will hold the body weight of a bodybuilder, plus the weights, is a hard thing to do. There are benches out today that will not only do this, but also add comfort. A bench that has customizable positions is also a plus.

Weight Bench

A good weight bench, like the Bowflex Bench 5.1, will be very good for business at your gym. This bench includes wheels for easy space-saving techniques. The best part about this bench is the way it allows the user to position it. It has 6 total positions. They are flat, 30-degree, 45-degree, 60-degree, and 90-degree and declined with the seat in an upright position. It is made from high quality steel that can withstand a lot of weight. This bench will help users do over 30 different routines with it. That is something that is hard to do with a bench. This bench has almost a 6 foot length. It is about 2 feet wide and about 2 feet tall. There are not many benches like this one. Just add a bar stand and you are ready to go. The leg stabilizer will keep your legs locked in, without making them feel tired and sore.

Weight Bench Leasing

Have you ever been a situation where you did not have enough in your budget to cover the costs of new devices? You are certainly not alone. The good thing is that there is a solution, which is called leasing. If you do not know where to start, you can start by asking your dealer to recommend dealers in that niche or going to LeaseQ and getting a free instant quote. You can go back as often as you like to this company and when you are ready to apply for weight bench leasing as the application process takes less than two minutes. There is no need to remember to apply for this. Just mark it down in your notebook to go to them when the time is right.

Weight Bench Financing Can Get You A New Bench Soon

Have you ever done financing before with a car or something large? That is what you can do here. If you find out that it is not exactly what you had in mind, you can return the equipment at the end of the lease or make a final payment such as a $1 buyout at the end of the lease. LeaseQ will not try to pull every last penny from your budget. They are doing this because they know how hard it can be to get what you need. They are a fast and free service and there is a soft credit pull that has no impact on your credit score at all.

There always seems to be a need for a new piece of equipment for your gym. To see if you qualify for weight bench leasing, click here for a free quote.

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