If your profits from your gym business are disappearing fast, you need to take drastic measures to stop the bleeding. You can always pray for new members to sign up, but the best way to financial health is to cut costs. As a capital-intensive business, you can save a lot by leasing refurbished fitness equipment.

Refurbished Fitness Equipment Costs A Lot Less Than Brand New Ones

Refurbished does not mean lesser quality. In fact, most refurbished equipment work even better than brand new ones. You know it's not a lemon because it worked for the previous owner. And then they are refurbished, that is, repaired and upgraded with better parts, before they are put back in the market. Therefore, refurbished fitness equipment perform even better when they first rolled out of the factory. The best thing about refurbished is that they costs substantially less than brand new ones. You save a lot when you lease them. You can choose the best refurbished fitness equipment for your gym with LeaseQ. Their leasing process is fast, easy and free!

You Double Your Savings With Refurbished Fitness Equipment Leasing

After a substantial reduction from choosing refurbished equipment, you double your savings by leasing them instead of making a cash purchase. With LeaseQ, you pay low monthly premiums that frees up your cash for other business needs. These are savings that are hard to ignore.

You Have Many Choices With Refurbished Fitness Equipment Financing

You can choose from several financing options that LeaseQ offers. You can of course, lease fitness equipment like most gyms. But if you prefer to own them, LeaseQ can help you secure a takeout loan. Or you can enter into a buyout agreement and pay $1 to own fitness equipment at the end of the lease contract. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is consistent with your business plan. For those with credit problems, LeaseQ has a soft credit pull that has no impact on your credit score.

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