While Pilates was started in the early part of the 20th century, it only entered the fitness mainstream several decades after the death of its founder, Joseph Pilates. This fitness regime uses a variety of specialized Pilates fitness equipment. Each one of this equipment is expensive. If you own a Pilates studio and want to stock it with the right machines, your business can benefit greatly from leasing them rather than making a cash purchase.

You Can Get All The Pilates Fitness Equipment That You Need

Every Pilates equipment performs a different function. A well-stocked studio will attract more members, which will translate into more profits. With LeaseQ, you can get all the right Pilates fitness equipment for your studio. All you have to do is answer a few questions, and after a few minutes, LeaseQ will deliver several lease quotes to you. You take control of the entire leasing process. You do not have to deal with sales representatives. You can go back over and over again until you find the right machines.

You Pay Low Monthly Payments With Pilates Fitness Equipment Leasing

You need large upfront payments if you make a cash purchase. Leasing lets you leverage future income to get the machines you need now. Thus, you save your cash for other business costs. With LeaseQ, you pay low monthly premiums. You can ask your dealer or you can go directly to LeaseQ.

Pilates Fitness Equipment Financing Gives You Several Choices

With LeaseQ, you can choose the financing scheme that is consistent with your business plan. You can lease like a majority of fitness center owners, in order to reduce your costs. Or LeaseQ can help you secure a takeout loan so that you can own the equipment from the time you acquire them. You can also own Pilates equipment by paying $1 at the end lease period. Whatever you choose, LeaseQ is there to help. And if you have credit issues, LeaseQ can make a soft inquiry for you that will not impact your credit score.

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