If you own a fitness center, you might want to consider getting new gym equipment. Improving your facility might help attract more clients and give your current ones a reason to stay. You can invest in better and more comfortable equipment for your gym. Instead of purchasing the equipment that you need, consider leasing or financing them.

Why Lease Gym Equipment

There are a lot of reasons to lease gym equipment. Not only will it help you save on cash and keep your credit lines open, this option will help you better manage your finances. Since leasing is considered an operational expense, you will get a lot of tax benefits, too. Some dealers might even transfer their tax benefits to you so that you can get lower rates.

How Gym Equipment Leasing Works

The first thing you need to do is look for a dealer who can offer equipment leases. Dealers are not difficult to find, you can find them online, through your local phonebook or in LeaseQ. Once you enter a lease, you simply pay a fixed monthly fee for your lease which includes repair costs and maintenance. When your lease contract ends, you can either renew it or just enter a new one.

Gym Equipment Financing Options

With gym equipment financing, you have more options. Leasing your equipment is equivalent to 100% financing, which means that you don't have to worry about large downpayments or collateral. Unlike borrowing money from the bank, you don't have to anticipate increasing interest rates. If you want to keep the equipment at the end of the lease, you can through simple buyout options for as little as $1, depending on the contract you have entered with the dealer. The leasing process is fast, simple and absolutely free.

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