Before you go shopping for gym benches, it is very important that you know the different types that there are. Having this kind of knowledge will help you in making the right selection. Below is an explanation of the different kind of benches that might be available.

Types Of Gym Benches

The most common piece of equipment in the gym is probably the bench. The hyper extension bench is used for working the glute muscles, the hamstring and the lower back. It can also be used for working out the abdominals.

The preacher bench is used for working out the biceps. It usually comes with an angled pad where you place your arms. The pad is meant to prevent you from swinging the weights so that the bicep muscles can be isolated.

The abdominal bench on the other hand is similar to a decline bench. To prevent you from sliding off the bench, rollers have been put in place where you can hook your feet.

Gym Bench Leasing

If you want to cut back on costs, you can lease used gym benches. Contrary to popular belief, used products are not damaged products so you can actually get good benches that look as good as new. Communicate to your vendor the type of bench that you want and the condition that it should be in. For instance, would you like a bench that has been used for 5 years, 3 years or 2 years?

Gym Bench Financing

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