Used restaurant equipment dealers offer products that have a substantial advantage. Due to their wide range of quality used products, you can often find the exact piece of equipment you need at a used discount. The benefits of a discount go without saying. As more and more people discover that used equipment options are right for them, dealers have begun to offer more options with financing and leasing used equipment. This allows you to take advantage of the numerous benefits of a lease while still capitalizing on the used discount that was reserved for cash purchases in the past.

Used Restaurant Equipment Dealers

Dealers in used restaurant equipment have a lot of inventory to sell. Since restaurants have variable needs, owners are often selling high quality equipment with little wear and tear. These dealers can easily meet your equipment needs with used equipment. However, many customers enjoy the protection and ease of leasing their equipment. As a result, many dealers have begun offering lease options on used equipment. This fact represents a tremendous opportunity for you.

Used Restaurant Equipment Dealers Leasing

Used restaurant equipment dealers leasing allows you to benefit from both the discount of used equipment and the monthly payment structure of a lease. Not only do you get high quality equipment at a fraction of the cost for new items, you are released from the substantial capital outlay that is normally associated with purchasing used equipment. You basically get all of the benefits from both environments.

If leasing sounds like an opportunity to investigate, your dealer can help you get set up with a lease or you can head to LeaseQ for a free instant quote. The application process takes two minutes to complete and there is no financial obligation. There is a credit check as part of the application process, but this is a soft credit check that does not impact your score. Filling out this application allows you to gain the information you need to take advantage of both the substantial discount for used equipment and the flexibility of a lease.

Used Restaurant Equipment Dealers Financing

Used restaurant equipment dealers financing options come with other benefits to you as well. Since there is often hesitation to purchase used equipment based on prior use and damage, a lease offers another level of reassurance in that installation and maintenance costs are covered by the lease. In a sense, this is almost like insurance for your equipment. Also, if the equipment seems to meet your needs at the end of the lease, you can purchase it for a buyout of one dollar. Again, you get all the benefits of a direct purchase combined with the customization and financial planning options of a lease.

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