The sad fact about the restaurant industry is that most restaurants fail within the first two years. The risk of going out of business makes any new restaurant owner consider leasing used comercial kitchen equipment. So what really makes used comercial kitchen equipment financing the better option for upcoming restaurants?

Benefits Of Leasing Used Comercial Kitchen Equipment

The first and obvious benefit of used kitchen equipment is the fact that there is no immediate spending. Buying new equipment means using a significant portion of your capital to buy large equipment and machinery. In addition, there is a high risk of not getting Return On Investment (ROI) which might plunge you into debt.

Another benefit of used comercial equipment is the fact that you get on site assistance. Even though the last thing that you want to happen is your equipment breaking down in the middle of the job, sometimes it happens. The company that provides you with the equipment will ensure that they send to you personnel that will help repair your equipment the moment it breaks down. This rids you the worry of figuring out how you will find someone to fix your equipment.

You will not be responsible for the repair and maintenance costs. Since the equipment is not yours, you are not responsible for its maintenance; the company that provides you with it is responsible. Most second hand equipment does not come with a warranty so purchasing it would be taking a huge risk. However, if you lease it, you will have peace of mind knowing that if it breaks down, you will not bear the costs.

Which Items Are Suitable For Used Comercial Kitchen Equipment Leasing?

One of the second hand items that can be leased are fryers. Gas fryers are better than electric ones. Make sure that it comes with clear instructions on how to change the oil.

Ovens and gas ranges are also ideal second hand equipment you can finance. Gas ranges and ovens are more durable. They have a clear advantage over the electric ones because they do not take long to heat and are not made up of parts that are likely to break. Other equipment that you can finance include: freezers, bar fridges, and refrigerators.

Where To Find Quality Used Comercial Kitchen Equipment Financing

Used kitchen equipment leasing and financing should no longer be a tiresome task. LeaseQ provides you with an avenue where you can get instant and free quotes on leasing kitchen equipment in just two minutes from reliable financing companies. You can easily find an equipment lease that is right for you once you visit the site. In addition, you can compare as many quotes as you like until you get one that suits your needs. There are many financing options that you can get here. For instance, you can opt for a $1 payout at the end of your lease or simply return the equipment.

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