If your restaurant specializes in sushi preparation and service, you need specific sushi restaurant equipment. The specialty equipment demands for this type of restaurant are substantial. From additional refrigeration to high quality cutlery, specialty equipment needs are many and their associated costs are large. However, there are attractive leasing options that make the acquisition of this equipment much easier to accomplish.

Sushi Restaurant Equipment

Since sushi restaurants require specific preparation and presentation options that do not exist in other restaurants, specialty equipment is a must. For example, since most sushi is kept chilled throughout the preparation and serving process, additional refrigeration is required. Sushi also comes in all manner of shapes and sizes. Since your food preparation staff needs to work with a variety of protein sizes, a diverse, high quality cutlery collection is vital. Also, a number of sushi dishes involve rice preparation. With a high volume of diners, you will discover a need for effective rice preparation and warming equipment. All of this specialty restaurant equipment comes at a substantial cost.

Sushi Restaurant Equipment Leasing

You can choose to mitigate the cost of this specialty equipment by leasing sushi restaurant equipment. With a lease option, your initial cash obligation is substantially less than with a direct cash purchase. For many, this is a tremendous advantage in both resource allocation and future budget planning. Leases offer you another benefit in the financial planning department by combining all of the associated costs of your equipment into a stable monthly payment. Again, this makes budgeting very easy.

If you decide to explore lease options, you can ask your dealer to refer you to a qualified lease agent, or you can go to LeaseQ for a free quote. The process is simple to navigate and only takes two minutes to complete. A credit check is required, but this check has no impact on your credit score. This is a logical step when assessing whether or not a lease is right for you. Regardless of which route you choose, qualified agents can help you make your decision.

Sushi Restaurant Equipment Financing

The advantages of sushi restaurant equipment financing over a cash purchase do not end with the low monthly payment. With a lease, you can expect that the installation costs and maintenance obligation falls to the equipment owner. This offers you further protection against unexpected cash outlays. Furthermore, leases often offer a buyout option at the end of the lease term. This gives you ownership of the leased equipment for a payment of one dollar. However, if you decide that the equipment is either obsolete or not sufficient for your restaurantís needs, you have no obligation to buy. This is a level of flexibility that a cash purchase simply cannot math.

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