A restaurant cannot run smoothly if all the departments are not working in tandem. For a restaurant to be successful, marketing should be able to bring in customers, staff should keep the customers happy and chefs should cook perfect food. If anything fails, the whole thing fails. To provide excellent service, bartenders should have excellent quality commercial bar equipment.

Commercial Bar Equipment

Commercial bar equipment includes bar rise display cases, beer dispensing towel heads, blender shells, bottle coolers, bottle display risers, water units, sinks, glass frosters, glass washers, glass filler faucets, hand sinks and many other things. All of this equipment comes with a high price tag.

There are many things to think of in your business plan. First of all, you should finalize the design of your commercial bar. Once the design is finalized, you can proceed to order the required equipment accordingly.

Before ordering a new kind of equipment for your business, make sure you check the power supply requirement of that equipment. Sometimes, new equipment comes with non-standard power supply. In that case, you will need to spend extra money to fix the new equipment in the kitchen.

The most important step in finalizing your restaurant business plan is to estimate the number of people you expect to serve. Both overestimation and underestimation will lead to losses.

Also, it is important to not get swayed by non-essential features of costly equipment. There are many types of equipment available in the market loaded with non-essential features, which are generally of no use. You should ensure that you order only that equipment which is actually required for running a business. Remember, it is important to conserve capital especially when you are setting up new business.

Commercial Bar Equipment Leasing

As discussed above, commercial bar equipment comes with a high price tag. To fund the commercial bar equipment, you can either take costly bank loan or you can go for much cheaper option of leasing the required equipment.

Commercial bar equipment leasing is very popular these days. Many restaurants opt for leasing the equipment instead of cash purchasing. Leasing your commercial bar equipment makes financial sense. It allows you to have the equipment with almost a zero down payment.

Also, you need not worry about the maintenance and general wear and tear as this is taken care of by the leasing company. So, you save a lot of money on maintenance.

The leasing process is very simple thanks to online services such as www.leaseQ.com. Lease Q helps you to get all the quotes for the required equipment at the click of a button. You just need to fill out a simple application form on the site and within 2 minutes you will have the free quotes from various dealers.

Commercial Bar Equipment Financing

Financing your commercial bar equipment by leasing the equipment is the most cost-effective way to get all the restaurant equipment you need.

Leasing the equipment also allows you to own the equipment at the end of lease period. Most of the lease contracts allow you to buy the equipment at the end of the lease period, for a very nominal sum.

To see if you qualify for commercial bar equipment leasing, click here for a free quote.

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