College cafeteria equipment leasing allows for an organization to acquire the substantial amount of equipment that mass food service requires while managing the costs associated with such a substantial purchase. Since cafeterias are high volume environments, equipment wears out quickly. In order to maintain a pleasant and effective cafeteria environment, equipment updates are required. Leasing makes budgeting for these updates much simpler.

College Cafeteria Equipment Leasing

Since the costs for replacing your cafeteria equipment are daunting, a lease option is sure to help. With a lease, the associated costs for your equipment become a low monthly payment. The stability of that payment along with the removal of a substantial cash outlay makes leasing the right choice for many organizations.

If you feel that your cafeteria equipment needs are best met with a lease agreement, your dealer can refer you to a qualified lease agent, or you can go to LeaseQ for a free quote. The entire process takes two minutes to complete and is absolutely free of charge. There is a credit check associated with the application process. However, the credit check has absolutely no impact on your credit score. The information that you gain from a quote allows you to make an informed decision.

College Cafeteria Equipment

College cafeteria equipment needs are varied. First of all, a college cafeteria is a high volume service environment, so the need for adequate seating is obvious. This seating tends to need updating frequently due to the frequency of use. There is also a need for cold food presentation in a buffet style setting, since most college cafeterias offer salad and cold sandwich options. Depending on the food offered at your college, steam tables and heat pans are a requirement for hot food service as well. These needs can run up a very large cost very quickly.

College Cafeteria Equipment Financing

College cafeteria equipment financing has other advantages to a simple cash purchase than the low monthly payment. For example, any equipment that requires installation or regular maintenance is covered by the lease. This is another way that your lease agreement protects you from unexpected costs. At the end of the lease, if the equipment seems to be sufficient and you would like to purchase it, a buyout option is available. With this option, you would simply pay a buyout of one dollar and the equipment is yours. However, if the equipment is no longer what your cafeteria needs, you can always return the equipment and enter into a new agreement for different equipment. With a purchase, you would obviously need to unload that equipment in some fashion. A lease protects you from the financial losses associated with that scenario. Truly, lease options offer a flexibility and customization that is unmatched.

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