Do you run a casual family restaurant or a downtown lunchtime eatery with a buffet or a salad bar? Do you want to attract more customers during the day and even on the weekends or in the evenings, and do you want them to stay for a long time? Have you thought about fountain equipment leasing for your business model? Fountain equipment leasing and financing may be your best option instead of making a cash purchase

If you have been in fast food restaurants lately, you might have noticed that many of these establishments have put the soda fountains in the dining room area. Once people order their food for takeout or eat in, the server gives them a cup and they can go fill it up with however much ice they want and whatever sodas they want as well.

So if a 10 year old wants a Dr. Pepper/Lemonade with a twist of Sunkist, that's what he's getting. This alleviates some of the employee frustration when customers ask for things like light ice or no ice etc., and the customers are just fine with the process. It gives them something to do while they're waiting for their food. Drive through customers, of course, still rely on the restaurant's servers to make their drinks though.

Why Fountain Equipment Leasing for Public Use Is A Great Idea for Other Restaurant Models As Well

No matter what type of restaurant or food service establishment you run, you're going to have fountain equipment somewhere in the building, but introducing that element to the front of your restaurant can have countless benefits for you, and it will take some stress off of your staff members and allow them to focus on other service related matters.

Letting Customers Use The Fountain Equipment Is Fun For Them

When you let your customers use the fountain machines themselves, it allows them to make their own choices and feel like they're a little bit more in control of their experience. It will also encourage customers without solid plans for that day or evening, to stay and spend money and time in your establishment. You should let your fountain drinks be unlimited or unlimited for a certain fee like $5 unlimited soft drinks and $3 each if you're going to just have the one. People might then start to use your restaurant as a place to meet friends, do homework, meet blind dates and spend time with loved ones. There will be no rush to leave, and just like the 10 year old that mixes 3 sodas together to form a putrid pale brown looking concoction, if you watch close enough, his mom is probably mixing her pink lemonade with Sunkist as well.

Fountain Equipment Financing

Let's face it. Fountain equipment is not going to be cheap, however, fountain equipment financing is very cheap, especially if you find financing through LeaseQ. This is the best portal to find a lender because once you apply online, multiple lenders will review your application and the ones that are willing to work with you will make you an offer on the spot. Once you accept the offer that best meets your needs, your loan will be underwritten immediately and your equipment will be on its way to you as soon as possible. It's a quick, simple and inexpensive process through LeaseQ, one that you won't find anywhere else.

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